Sunday | Ripped Jeans

I'm Wearing: Top: Loft // Cardi: F21 // Jeans: Kohl's // Lipstick: L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche in Wisteria Rose

For some reason I have fallen in love with these jeans. I normally hate ripped/distressed jeans but these are so comfy and look great on me that I don't mind the rips. They give a bit of an edge to an otherwise boring outfit, you know? I also have been really loving black clothing lately and that's so strange for me. Normally I'm almost anti-black clothing but for some reason I've been drawn to black bottoms, sweaters and even a scarf or two!

I wore this outfit for a casual Sunday outing. It was the perfect mix of casual but put together so that I didn't feel over dressed or under dressed. Other than that this weekend was pretty laid back! What about you?
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Spring/Summer Beauty Haul

GUYS! I SPENT SOO MUCH MONEY! I mean Sephora was having a sale and I got like 12 dollars off at the drugstore soooo it was worth it. So here's a video, enjoy!


April Ipsy Bag Review

For those of you who have been living under a small rock (I say small because not everybody loves makeup and such like I do) Ipsy is a curated service where, after taking a questionaire you recive a beauty profile and then from there you'll recieve 4-5 beauty products a month. Usually within each bag is one full sized product and multiple deluxe samples. The bag is $10 a month (plus a small shipping fee, mine is $0.47 I believe).
The theme for this month's bag was "Beautifully Bohemian" which for some was perfect for Cochella and the rest of the music festivals happening in the next few months. The bag was a wicker like bag with bright contrast weaving. While the bag was not my taste it seems to be sturdy and decently made.

My bag came with 5 items this month, three that I'm excited to try and two that I could really without. The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was the lotion, which is actually a daily moisturizer by Lather (full size here for $21). I opened this and popped a bit on my hand, while the smell was not something I liked it felt pretty decent otherwise! The next thing that caught my eye was definitely the nail polish as it was the second biggest item. The nail polish is by Julie and the color isn't crazy unique but I'm all for a new nail polish! Finally this next item is the teeny tiny eye shadow by theBalm. I have never tried any products from theBalm but have heard great things about the brand and the highlighters they've got. The shade of this one is Flirty from the fun Nude Dude palette.
The last two items are two things I'm not too excited for. The first is a lipgloss by Starlooks, the color is not my favorite and the consistency isn't to my liking. It was too gooey. The second was a perfume (the brand wasn't listed or if it was I didn't see it) that was too floral for my liking.


Epitome of Spring

I'm Wearing: Top: Target  // Jeans: Kohl's // Shoes: Target // Purse:Target // Necklace: Peggy Li Creations // Bracelet: Kate Spade

It has finally decided to be spring here in Buffalo and I couldn't be more excited. There's nothing I like more than not having to wear a jacket when I'm going outside! This shirt is, to me the epitome of spring; Flowy, pastel and clean, I love it!

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e.l.f Blush Palette

 This is a blogger enabled purchase. You know the ones I'm talking about right, you'll see a review on a blog/YouTube and it might not be something you need but when you see it in the store you have to buy it to try it out? Well Fleur was saying how much she liked the e.l.f Blush Palette and I definitely do not need another blush but it was only $6 so I caved and bought it.
 I have the palette in the shade light which has four blushes, two matte shades, one shimmer shade and a final shade that's a bronzer. My favorite of the blush shades, in the pan was definitely either the top left or the bottom left but after trying them all I have to say that I like all of them and I love the bottom left shade. It's a bit strawberry and definitely perfect for spring! The bottom right has just a little bit too much shimmer for my everyday liking and the bronzer shade is a great contour color! The top left shade, to me, seems like it'd be a great dupe for Gaiety or Angelika from NARS but since I have neither I can't swear by that.

The packaging of this palette is pretty great for a $6 product, and the mirror is huge. The blushes also pop out of the casing so you could customize it into your own palette which is pretty cool!

What do you think?


It looks...different around here!

Hey y'all! I have been struggling with Jessica's Wonderland, not only it's look but also its name. To me, with that name, I felt very restricted. I felt on some ways that it forced me too have a certain theme-that I was limited to only the fluffy things in life. But after Liz from Delightful Tacky talked about her re-branding I knew that it was a good choice to still do a re-design but to keep my name. I like that Jessica's Wonderland is light and fluffy and even though I sometimes feel a little restricted. I know that I don't always have to post happy go lucky posts. This is my internet home, if I want to talk about the horrors of being a teenager I can, but after some deep rethinking and stepping away from the blog for awhile (due to the weather and the blogging burn out) I feel that Jessica's Wonderland is here to stay.

Now onto the fun things! 

I last changed my blog layout in February of 2014, about a year ago. At the time I was looking for blog templates that featured gold because I love how gold looks in a blog design but after I found my previous one I fell in love and for over a year-I loved it. It felt right but when I took my unannounced blogging break up this year I kept getting discouraged looking at the layout. It wasn't me any longer. It didn't fit.
I started looking again after that, for a long while I couldn't find anything I loved until I stumbled onto Brand Me Beautiful and their templates. I loved the selection of gold filled themes and I knew that I would use one for the re-design I had in mind. It took three week before I decided to buy the Editorial theme and a few days later it went up and I finished the rest of my re-design. I am incredibly happy with how my little corner of the web looks now and I hope you like it too!


March Monthly Favorites

I am beyond excited that March is over and we're finally moving into Spring. I'm ready for warm weather! Today though I thought I'd share my favorites from March (& February) so you could see what I'm loving!!

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