Stella| Stella McCartney

I'm really picky when it comes to smells. I don't lust after that nutty scent everyone love, I don't like sickly sweet scents in anything besides a cupcake and a floral fragrance is alright as long as it's not overpowering. I love vanilla and musky scents but sometimes I want something new.

I spotted Kate of Ghost Parties review on this perfume. What appealed to me was that she said it had a musky edge to the mainly floral scent, because like I mentioned I am particular about what I like to wear as a scent. I sat on it for a while and then decided to go to my local Sephora to smell it. At first whiff, in the bottle I disliked it, but after I sprayed it on the sample paper and let it settle a bit I fell in love.

I'm pretty rubbish at describing scents but according to the website the notes are rose, peony flower, mandarin and amber. I can really smell the peony flower and amber at first but by the time it dries it smells so delectable as all the scents blends together.

I was surprised at how long this lasted, I stayed on all day and if I happen to have a rehearsal it stays through about half of the time I'm there, which I'm perfectly okay with. What I love about this is that you'll think it's gone of faded but then you'll get a whiff of it again.