Three Ways To Style A Miltary Button Up

We all have those days where we wake up and look into our full closets and decide that we have nothing to wear. On those types of mornings I like to grab things I know are versatile. Today I'm showing you how this Topshop military shirt ( I just bought it!!) can be styled three different ways! Versatility at its best!

3 Ways To Style A Military Button Up: Over A Dress

This is usually the most common styling for me. I love the simplicity. Plus, depending on my mood I can either tie it so you see more of the skirt or I can wear it open. With this dress, I'd probably wear it open.

Three Ways To Wear a Military Button Up: Paired With A Graphic Tee

Zoe Krassen Graphic Tee  (here in a sweatshirt)// Topshop Military Button Up // Topshop Jeans // Oasis Flats // Ring // Kate Spade Handbag //  

2. Paired With A Graphic Tee: I have recently fallen in love with this styling. Graphic tee used to scare me but now I love them. They pair with so much! This Zoe Krassen tee is a bit expensive but I love what it says. It's honestly the best thing I've seen on a tee in awhile. It's so true: girls say yes to boys who say no.

Three Ways To Wear A Military Button Up: Tucked in and paired with a skirt

3. Tucked in and paired with a skirt: This is a fail safe for every blogger - a buttoned blouse and a skirt. So classic and it works every time! To give this look a bit of oomph I added a black and white scarf and made sure the skirt was interesting to look at! 

Which of these three looks are your favorite? xx Jess

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