August Roundup

August was by far my favorite month this year and sadly enough if you only follow me on the blog you wouldn't have caught most of it since it was basically silent over here all month. August was packed to the brim with a tight schedule, some much needed family time, a weekend I'll always remember and I even decided to try something new (more on that later this week)!

Here's a roundup of everything that went down in August!
  • I got glasses! Wait, that sign over there isn't supposed to look like one big blob? Who knew! To the people who I've complained to (hey Cat, James, Jack and basically my whole family) I know y'all have glasses and I love them on you and I'm sorry if my constant complaints made you think otherwise. ♥
  • I had a fro-yo date with one of my favorite people
  • I went to a grad party and wore this (see more snaps here)
  • I bought my first hoodie in years!!

Honestly if you were to ask me to pick my favorite moment in August it would have to be the weekend where I was so busy that I couldn't fit you in if you begged. Despite that I still had fun, I tried new things and I know I'll always remember it.

I'm not as excited for fall as my fellow bloggers who are practically jumping up and down, waving their hands in the air waiting for all the leaves to fall off the trees. I want to cherish these last few summer days because in just a few weeks, what I thought to be busy now will be a walk in the park then.

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  1. That frozen yogurt looks delicious! And I agree with you about fall--summer can stay as long as it wants!


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