Mesh Togehter

I'm Wearing: Dress: Modcloth // Shoes: Payless // Scarf: Modcloth // 
Happy Memorial Day to you all! I hope you're enjoying your extra day off! Today I'm actually marching (read: dancing to the song Happy & making a three mile trek...) in the parade so I'm not actually doing anything festive per se. I wish I was because the dress I was going to wear is so darling but I'll wait 'till tomorrow to wear it. What are you guys doing for Memorial Day (my American readers)?

After publishing update: I just got home from the parade and while I am dead to the world I thought I'd share what we did at the reviewing stand. It was simple, all we did was take a parade rest (feet shoulder width apart hand over hand behind back) then turn to the reviewing stand with men and women in the armed forced and saluted. It made me tear up a little because although we, as Americans treat today as just another day off, it was nice to show that we truly appreciated them and what they've done for us in a simple way. I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day!

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