My Kind of Sporty Chic

I'm Wearing: Dress: Forever 21 //  Cardigan: Unknown (sorry!) // Shoes: Target // Necklace: Target // Lipstick: MAC Candy Yum-Yum

There's just something about drop waist dresses that automatically make me feel sporty. I know that's impractical and feeling like a flapper would be more reasonable but something about them makes me feel sporty. Another thing I adore about this dress is the pattern it has. It's so cute and springy! Tonight I'm heading to see Beauty and The Beast and I'm so excited!!!


Bouquet of the Season

Bouquet of the Season

All products pictured above are from Modcloth, a favorite online retailer of mine! 
What I'd Wear Details: Dress (See more fab Modcloth dresses here!!) // Jacket // Shoes // Statement Necklace // Necklace // Sunglasses // Purse

Have you ever just looked at a dress and it made you want to wear multiple colors, fun accessories and killer heels? That was this Modcloth dress for me. The minute I saw it I knew that I couldn't help but add some pops of mint and pair it with coral heels (that are wayyy too tall for this 5' 7 gal but I can dream).  My favorite piece of this outfit actually isn't the dress though it's the jacket-I feel it'd work all the way through spring into summer and then again into fall!

P.S. Also feel free to view this on Wanelo here


Polka Dots

Photos Taken By Catherine (Cat), my brothers girlfriend (and my manager)
I'm Wearing: Top: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl's // Pants: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl's // Shoes: Payless (old) // Bracelet: Target // Necklace: Peggy Li Creation (I love this necklace!) // Nail Polish: L'oreal Paris Not a Cloud in Sight

I'm a sucker for a good polka dot, everyone knows that. This top from Lauren Conrad's Kohl's collection is just so darling! I love the multi-color dots, the flowy feel, the bow tie at the back and the unique collar. The springy-ness of this top made it perfect for Easter Sunday! The bottom half of my ensemble is also from Lauren Conrad's collection! These pants made my legs feel so long and even though they're slightly flared I love them! A+ Lauren Conrad, you design some stylish things!
It rained at the beginning of last week but that was great for me. It gave me time to sit down with the videos my dances and drill them. Recital is in less than two months (cue freak out) and because of my kidney stone problem I had in December, the copious amounts of snow days we've had on Wednesday (the night my classes fall on) I'm seriously behind on practicing. Normally at this time of the season it'd be drill time but since snow days and sick days have seriously limited the initial learning process all of the drill is up to us at home. Now don't take that for me saying that I never practice at home, I do, in fact I'm 80% positive my living room is set up the way it is because my mother got annoyed with me moving the furniture around to make room to practice but this year is the only time I've really had to learn it at home. All of the first fumbles and swear words (I've got the mouth of a sailor when it comes to learning a routine) happened at the studio but in this past week I've done a lot of the repetition that would normally take place at the studio in my living room. I'm nervously awaiting Wednesday of next week so we can finish the dance and to see if my practicing has helped. Here's hoping it did! 


{Almost} All White

I'm Wearing: Top: Asos (also available in turquoise and black) // Cardi: Forever 21 (old)// Jeans: Target // Shoes: Target // Bracelet: Target // Nail Polish: Essie in Hide and Go Chic


Feminine in Lace

Today's outfit is very Target heavy. In fact only two things (my Peggy Li necklace & shoes) were not bought at Target-that shows just how much I love Target. Target is perfect for my high school student/minimum wage working budget! Do you guys love Target as much as I do?
I'm Wearing: Dress: Target // Shoes: Payless (old) // Necklace: Target & Peggy Li // Nail Polish (Fingers): Essie in Hide and Go Chic // 

I hope you guys had a fun weekend. I had a day off on Sunday and it was beautiful so I spent the day with the windows open and enjoyed our beautiful 70 degree weather we experienced. It was so lovely. I also got a few inches chopped off of my locks and I love it! Today I'm re-watching Monday and Sunday nights TV shows with my pal Anissa. See her outfit here!


Tropical Getaway

Tropical Getaway

What I Wore: Dress: Modcloth // Shoes: Julianne Hough for Sole Society // Hat: Modcloth // Lipstick: YSL in Pink in Paris // Nail Polish: Essie in First Timer

I'm on spring break this week and I really wish I was going on a tropical getaway to someplace with palm trees and sandy beaches. This is an outfit I'd love to wear for a day in a tropical place. For me, I think the hat and shoes sell this outfit for me. If only I wasn't 5 foot 7 those heels would be on the top of my wishlist....



I'm Wearing: Jacket: BB Dakota // Shirt: LC Lauren Conrad  (old) // Pants: Target // Shoes: Target // Necklace: Peggy Li
I'm a dancer. I've got the bruises, counting skills (wait there are more numbers after 8), lack of free-time and piles of costumes to prove it. Most of my inspiration in my life comes from dancers but sometimes it's the people like Amy Purdy who inspire me more than words can express. Amy is a paraplegic, who has done nothing but push forward. She has become a bronze medal Olympian who is now on Dancing with the Stars. Amy is not a dancer and yet she is able to make me feel emotions just as much as my favorite dancers. She brings out these emotions not because she is a paraplegic, in fact I almost forget she has a disability when watching her, but because her dancing is just as beautiful as her and her story. Each week Amy shows pure strength and beauty. She's overcome so much that even though I just stumbled upon her she is of great inspiration. I love finding people like Amy because they bring a different type of inspiration to my heart. It's fresh. It's strong. It’s wonderful.

(If you're curious or really want to see Amy in action click here to watch DWTS and tune in on Monday at 8/7c ).
For months I've been trying to find the perfect white jeans but I had no luck. Then one day a few weeks ago I stumbled upon these from Target. They're comfy and they fit great which for me, at Target, is always a struggle. I paired these pants with this contrasting shirt for a fun springy Friday look! 



I'm Wearing: Brocade Dress: Forever 21 // Belt: Target // Shoes: DV Dolce Vita // Necklace: Peggy Li 

It hit 70 degrees today in downtown Buffalo. How crazy is that? Especially considering that two months ago it was -22! I so glad that Spring has decided to say hello! I'm a warm weather girl myself and this is just wonderful!!
This dress is so fun! I love the brocade print and the awesome coral color. Spring (and summer), for me, is a time for great colors like coral, cobalt, yellow and red. While I love my chunky sweaters, muted colors and jeans, I love my skirts, dresses and beautiful colors more! Three cheers for spring.


A Little Needed Retail Therapy

Late last week (Wednesday night) I came down with a wicked sinus cold and spent most of the weekend nursing myself back to health with some well needed rest...and a small bout of retail therapy early this week! Sometimes buying new, pretty, in season pieces (in person) makes me so happy-I'll go from having a bad day to a having an amazing one just by stepping into a store. Now while that may be bad for my wallet, my mood certainly does thank me when I'm done!
A girl can never be short on cute prints, good scents and pretty colors!!

What I Bought: Brocade Dress: Forever 21 // Drop Waist Dress: Forever 21 // Skirt: Francesca's (also love this one) // Jeans: Target // Shoes: Target (In Chambray) //Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter: Lush // Dot by Marc Jacobs Roller Ball: Sephora