My Casual

Outfit Details: Top: Pins and Needles via Urban Outfitters via ebay, Jeans: Kohl's, Shoes: DV Dolce Vita, Necklace: Peggy Li Creations, Ring: Asos

It's 50 degrees today. Yes, 5-0, it's crazy and I love it. I'm so excited that spring is almost here, I can't take another second of this winter. It was brutal. But enough about the weather, because I'm sure your sick of hearing about.

I'm irregular. I know this, I've always know this. It's just a fact. One of the things that make other people think I'm irregular is my casual doesn't involve a tee shirt or a pair of sweatpants. Nope, it looks like this and more than not most days I'm happily dressing casually. What's your casual?

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