Lookin' Like Spring

I'm Wearing: Top: Thrifted // Skirt: Francesca's // Shoes: Target (also love these) // Nail Polish: Essie Ballet Slipper and L'oreal Not A Cloud in Sight // Lipstick: Mac Candy Yum-Yum
This skirt from Francesca's is so fun! The pattern is killer, the texture is amazing and the shape is to die for I love it! When I first saw it though the beautiful mix of colors is what brought me in. The different pinks, the subtle blue and the pattern are right on the nose for spring/summer. I can easily see this piece making it's way through spring and into summer! What do you guys think of this skirt?
This weekend I spent Saturday cocooned in my bed with a hot cup of tea on my nightstand because I came down with a nasty cold (that I was denying I had for days). Yesterday I did my normal Sunday things because I didn't feel like death and I watched Once Upon a Time (and proceeded to miss at least a 1/4 of it by texting another person who was watching it too). Surprisingly enough though, I woke up today and felt like my normal self but with a case of the sniffles! I'll take that over full blown cold any day!

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  1. Adorable. Love your skirt and I'm totally in the market for some sneakers like those!

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

    1. Thank you!! The sneakers are so comfy and so stylish I love them! Keds has some great choices too!!


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