Lookin' Like Spring

I'm Wearing: Top: Thrifted // Skirt: Francesca's // Shoes: Target (also love these) // Nail Polish: Essie Ballet Slipper and L'oreal Not A Cloud in Sight // Lipstick: Mac Candy Yum-Yum
This skirt from Francesca's is so fun! The pattern is killer, the texture is amazing and the shape is to die for I love it! When I first saw it though the beautiful mix of colors is what brought me in. The different pinks, the subtle blue and the pattern are right on the nose for spring/summer. I can easily see this piece making it's way through spring and into summer! What do you guys think of this skirt?
This weekend I spent Saturday cocooned in my bed with a hot cup of tea on my nightstand because I came down with a nasty cold (that I was denying I had for days). Yesterday I did my normal Sunday things because I didn't feel like death and I watched Once Upon a Time (and proceeded to miss at least a 1/4 of it by texting another person who was watching it too). Surprisingly enough though, I woke up today and felt like my normal self but with a case of the sniffles! I'll take that over full blown cold any day!

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Let's talk hair. Specifically, my hair. It's been the same length, cut and color for almost my whole life. The only change I've ever done(and kept) is add bangs and let me tell you, I'm dying to change it. I've thought about it for awhile now (read: since the summer) and the constant is always a little bit shorter and auburn colored hair. Now don't expect this change anytime soon but maybe in the near future. I hope. In the meantime here's my inspiration board!! As you can see I'm drawn to Emile de Ravin's (she plays Belle on Once Upon a Time) hair color the most , I love it. It's not too red. It's not too brown. It's auburn.

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Seasons Change

Outfit Details: Top: Olive & Oak, Skirt: Modcloth (NLA), Shoes: Payless (NLA), Necklace: Forever 21, Ring: Modcloth (It's so dang cute), Nail Polish: Essie (Ballet Slippers). 

You guys! It's spring in two days. I am seriously ready for it to sweep in. With the change in the seasons though I've been itching for some personal change because, well life can get boring after the same old same old. But here's where I'm stumped, I don't know what I want to change. I think we all get like this sometimes but it is seriously so hard to figure out what I want to change!


Vibrant Blue

I'm Wearing: Top: Gift, Skirt: Target (old), Shoes: DV Dolce Vita (old), Scarf: Modcloth
Happy Friday! I hope you've all had a great week! This week has been slightly crazy. The weather for one has been up and down; 50 degrees one day, a blizzard the next and back to high 40s. I swear the east coast is the worst place to live because the weather changes at the drop of a hat. #eastcoasterproblems Even with all the crazy up and down weather today was beautiful. It was sunny and warm enough to skip tights!!
Today's outfit is one of my favorite that I've created recently! I've been so into scarfs this season and this Modcloth scarf has such vibrant colors that it's perfect for spring, it automatically brightens up any outfit! I paired it with a skirt from last year and a white top to keep the scarf as the main punch. I'm looking forward to wearing it with reds/pinks too! What do y'all think?


Spring's a coming

Spring's a coming

Spring's a Coming Outfit Details: Modcloth, Jacket: Topshop, Shoes: Solesociety, Purse: Yoox, Lip Pencil: NARS.

With the warm weather that's creeped back into Buffalo I've been drawn to pastels, dresses and light weight jackets. This outfit would be perfect for any spring occasion but I would wear this for a day at the park or a day outing with friends. What are you dreaming of for spring?


My Casual

Outfit Details: Top: Pins and Needles via Urban Outfitters via ebay, Jeans: Kohl's, Shoes: DV Dolce Vita, Necklace: Peggy Li Creations, Ring: Asos

It's 50 degrees today. Yes, 5-0, it's crazy and I love it. I'm so excited that spring is almost here, I can't take another second of this winter. It was brutal. But enough about the weather, because I'm sure your sick of hearing about.

I'm irregular. I know this, I've always know this. It's just a fact. One of the things that make other people think I'm irregular is my casual doesn't involve a tee shirt or a pair of sweatpants. Nope, it looks like this and more than not most days I'm happily dressing casually. What's your casual?


Patterned Sweater

Outfit Details: Sweater: Target, Jeans: Kohl's, Shoes: DV Dolce Vita, Necklace: Forever 21, Bracelet: KJP


The Fairest of Them All

Red Valentino's collection's are always inspired by a fairy tale (Hansel and Gretel & Alice in Wonderland), but this fall's happens to be inspired by my childhood favorite, Snow White. The collection features vibrant colors, patterns, famous sayings and a few pieces with Snow's fair face adorning them. I think what I love most about the collection is that it's not extremely girly or edgy, there's a prefect balance. There's girly silhouettes, clear plastic rain coats, mohair jackets, velvet tops, and leather clutches. I can't fully express to you how much I love this collection!

*This post originally appeared on my secondary blog Inspired By... but I love this collection so much I had to share it with you guys too!
** All picture found on Style.com