The Day of Love.

"True love is felonious. You take someone’s breath away. You rob them of the ability to utter a single word. You steal a heart. "*

I believe in love, I believe in true love. I believe that if given the chance love can conquer all. That with enough love and devotion all our problems could slip away, even if just for a moment. I believe that while it is perfectly acceptable to love a thing, utter devotion should belong to another being. I believe that when you give your heart away you give somebody a piece of your soul. I believe that "I love you" are three of the most powerful, sacred words. I believe that while love has the ability to rip everything out from under your feet, you should feel safe. I believe that your love is the most valuable gift that you could ever give or receive. I believe in love, I believe in true love. 

[For some of my favorite couples view yesterday's post!!]
I'm Wearing:
Dress: BB Dakota via Lulu*s
Tights:  Target in Cranberry Zing
Shoes:  DV Dolce Vita

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