Spring Crushing

Lately I've been crushing on spring hard.This winter has been brutal and I'm just itching to say "buh-bye" to all the freezing cold temperatures, icky snow (snow is only OK in December) and the boring outfits. Let me tell ya, you can only wear a sweater and pants so many ways. And don't even get me started on shoes!! But besides all the gross winter that's happening outside I'm stuck on spring. So stuck that I've bought quite a few things just for spring.
What I Bought:Mint Skirt: Modcloth, Black Patterned Skirt: Modcloth, Scarf: Modcloth, Necklace (Elephants): Forever 21, Necklace (Apple): Modcloth, Pin: Modcloth

Here are a few pieces that I've recently just bought from Modcloth (and a lone F21 piece) that are getting me excited for spring. What are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

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