Mixed Textures and Spring Whishes

I hope all of my northern friends survived the Polar Vortex without too much trouble. It was very cold here in Buffalo but today everything seems to be turning back to normal. The sun is shining, the wind is normal and the temperature is in the double digits with the windchill. For Buffalo in January this is pretty normal and I can deal with it the, Polar Vortex on the other hand was something I hope to never deal with again. Yikes!For reference it was at it's coldest, -30ish I believe, that's with the windchill factored in!
But enough about the Polar Vortex and crazy cold weather we've been having. I want to talk about spring colors. I want them. Pastels are calling my name again and I couldn't help but say yes. So I paired this printed chiffon top with one of my favorite pastel cardigans and had spring fever. But can you blame me?
This outfit also features a bunch of different textures that I'm truly in love with. The chiffon top has a totally different texture than your average chiffon top so when paired with the cardigan that has a crazy fun texture and my faux suede booties* you get an outfit full of texture and spring colors.  Can spring come any quicker?

I'm Wearing:
Top: Ardene (gift from my Aunt)
Sweater: Charlotte Russe (Old)
Pants: So by Kohl's (Old)
Booties: UrbanOG

*Today I was telling Mark about my booties because they make me around the same height as him and his response was, "what are booties"? So I went into a story about booties and he told me about booties worn in crew to prevent slipping on the docks. That's our relationship, we teach each other things that we'll never have to know. And I can't say that I mind. (:


  1. You look absolutely adorable! I'm in love with your shoes

    xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

    1. Thank you! My shoes are probably the comfiest pair of heels I own. I swear, in my closet, the taller they are (these are 3.5 in) the comfier they are!

  2. That outfit is absolutely adorable! I love the shirt. And your blog is so cute! :)


    1. Thank you! The shirt was a gift and I fell in love at first sight!!



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