Little Bits

Its Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas!

I put up my mini tree in my room on Saturday because I was so bummed last year when I forgot to. I've had this tree since fifth grade when my aunt bought it for me. I updated it from my middle school version (it's so funny to see how much I've changed) with gold garland, pink ornaments and a few of my favorite Misfit Toys. Random fact: my favorite Misfit Toy is the polka dot elephant. I have wanted one since I was a little kid! I never could understand how any child wouldn't want an elephant (or elfalent if your me as a child) with polka dots on it. I'd love to have an elephant with polka dots on it!

[Tree: Similar, Pink Ornaments: Target, Tinsel Garland: Target, Misfit Toys Ornaments: Lowe's, Star: Target]


  1. Jayme8:50 AM

    Just like in Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer........ on the island of misfit toys....

    I always wanted him too.... love polka dots..... in fact....yesterday I wore shorts and polka dot tights to classes.

    Merry Christmas...love your tree

    1. Thank you!

      My ornaments are actually from a set that includes the misfit toys form Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer! And who wouldn't want to have a polka dot elephants?


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