On Sunday my family had a get together for the August birthdays (there's 3 of 'em).  At one point James (my brother), Cat (his girlfriend), Greg (my cousin) and I all made our way down to Crystal Beach. It was such a nice day-the water was gorgeous and the temperature was perfect. Sometimes it's great to have a fun family day just to relax and not think about the things that are on your plate (like two 500+ page books that need to be read by September 9th...). 
This outfit is a repeat variation of one I've been rocking all summer. It's simple, quick yet so cute and put together.  It's certainly a favorite of mine. [You can see the variations here and here]. 
I'm Wearing
Dress/Shirt/Shoes/Belt: Target



Fall Fashion Inspiration: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

[All photos via Blair's blog Atlantic-Pacific. To view all fall outfits from Blair click this link!
Blair [of Atlantic-Pacific] is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. Her style is timeless and every outfit she wears is always so well put together. I spend a serious amount of time looking through her archives because she's the perfect inspiration! These are a few of my favorite fall looks of hers that I'd love to create in the upcoming season. 



I've been on  a print and pop of color kick lately. The latter is due to a marathon of CW's Arrow, Felicity wears such bright lipstick and I love it. It such a great way to brighten up an outfit. What do you think about using lipstick as a pop of color? Also, cats on a dress-I'm in heaven! 
Meow outfit details: 
Dress: H & M
Striped Cardigan: Forever 21
Shoes: Windsor
Necklace: Modcloth

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Life is...

Spectacular! Seriously, I don't think I've ever been as happy as I am right now. Everything has fallen into place and rooted itself there.
Life is spectacular because, 
• I'm taking my dad to see Planes ✈ for his birthday this month. (We're kids at heart!) 
• Mark and I argued about silly things this week like the fact pink is light red and Burger King meat is fake red meat. It was fun! (but I think he let me win! (: )
• Snuggles actually had a snuggle sesh with me!!!! 
• I cut the dead ends of my hair off and it looks so much healthier! 
• I'm hooked on Starbucks' passion tea lemonade! (Thanks Abbie! ♥) 
Hank and Katherine play Super Mario Bros is hilarious and that just makes me smile!
This Lana Del Rey and James Dean Inspired exists!

Overall right now, I'm very happy!
I'm Wearing:
Top: Liz Claiborne via Thrifted
Skirt: Hollister [Old]
Pearl Necklace: Don't Remember [Sorry!]
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Pink & Pepper



Blue on Blue

Happy Wednesday!  So far it’s a good one. Lately my life has been pretty swell. The only bad thing that has happened lately is the “n” “u” and “j” key breaking on my phone. But even that isn’t a bad thing since I have a phone from circa 2009 and it is so time for an upgrade. On Friday (if all goes as planned) I will be venturing into the world of smartphones and I’m excited for it! Besides my phone having a break down nothing super exciting has happened and that’s OK. Calm is good. I like calm.

This outfit is a tad bit out of my comfort zone but I love it. I shy away from anything graphic tee related because I’m afraid of them. I don’t know how to properly style them. With this one I took inspiration from Steffy and paired it with a simple high-low skirt. I’m think of making acquiring a few more graphic tees (love this one and this one) so that I can venture out of my comfort zone a bit more! What do you think about graphic tees (or tanks)? 
Love Graphic Tank: Stranded via Target
Hi-Low Skirt: Converse One Star via Target [Similar]
Shoes: Payless (last year) [Similar]
Necklace: My mother's



The Great Gatsby (1920s) Inspired

Who doesn't love The Great Gatsby?
What I'd Wear: Gatsby Inspired Outfit Details:
Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Modcloth
Headpiece: Anthropologie
Lipstick: YSL #15

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