Target Does It Again

I know you've all been sucked into the Target impulse buy (if you live in the states), sometimes those impulse buys are amazing! Over the past two weekends I've went to Target with something in mind and come out with something different but equally satisfying.
This time I went in for a chambray dress but came out with a darling white dress, bow belt and She and Him Volume 3. The time before I went in for a smaller purse and came out with a mint crossbody bag and a polka dot peter pan collar top. The dress, belt, purse and top will all be in my suitcase for the dance trip I'm going on. Now all I need is nude nail polish and nude sandals.
What I Bought:
Cream Dress: Target
Polka Dot Top: Target
Crossbody Bag: Target
Bow Belt: Target
She and Him Volume 3 :  iTunes/Amazon/She and Him Store
P.S. In case you're wondering , I love Volume 3. So great,  Zooey's voice is just amazing!!


  1. Peter pan collar tops are Target? My world just grew brighter! Alex


  2. Alex, yes and the best part was that it was on sale. Love it when that happens.


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