"Singin', Swingin' & Swayin'" Part II

This month has been crazy. Recital ended on Saturday and last minute rehearsals for the Four Cities trip started on Monday. Life's crazy but I'm enjoying it. My cousin took some pictures during the recital (Saturday night) and I thought I'd share them, some of them surprised me even. 
[Getting ready/ Final tricks in acro/This made my heart melt, Peyton and I dancing together! (Side note: She was ill Friday night and came to dance with us on Saturday night because she felt a million times better but if you look closely you'll see that she's missing her right shoe. I threw it off because it was untied and would have fallen off either way. She kept dancing though! ♥♥♥/Strut your stuff, work those "high heel walks" (side note: that thing that makes our pants look puffy is feathers...)/Holy panche/Ya know just chilling on my chin.]


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  1. That looks amazing... wish I could dance LOL ;)


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