"Singin', Swingin' & Swayin'"

Just some behind the scenes from this week's rehearsal. It went well except I won't be able to show my legs for days because I've got way too many bruises and I have a cut on my hand from a good whacking courtesy of Abbie. Oh well, I loved it still. 

[Front/Back TGDT 2012 -2013 Shirts (Thanks, LeeLee I love it!)/Abbie (yes, that one) and me/MaKenna and me/Elbow stands/Sometimes you get tired and do your handstand up against the wall (L-R: Abbie, Me and Katie)/ A really fun trick I love during our acro dance /Saturday Morning Tap babies ♥♥/All the pretty costumes lined up/Sparkles/My Three Favorite costumes (L-R Acro Solo-I Love a Piano, Lyrical- Everytime We say goodbye, Acro- Great Day)]


  1. It looks like you are having so much fun. And I really like the pictures of the sequin outfits. Way cool!

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. Those little cats look so adorable!


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