Saturday Morning Tap: What I learned.

Back in December I stepped back into tap shoes for the first time since I was 7. At the time I knew that I was putting a pair of tap shoes back on but I didn't know that I'd walk away with knowledge and skills that I wouldn't have if I didn't put the tap shoes back on.  I'm not talking about tap skills or knowledge, I'm talking about knowledge and skills that I'll cherish throughout my life.
Through working with Peyton, a shy girl who has separation anxiety, I learned that a smile can make hard work worth it. When she looks up at me smiling after crying in the beginning of the class I can't help but smile back down at her because I know that it's there through something I've done whether it be hold her until the music comes on, make funny "peek-a-boo" faces or just rub her back until she's calm. Peyton, a three year, has taught me to be patient and understanding. I can never thank her enough for that.
***[Picture taken by my cousin, who can't follow the rules...]***
I have to thank Miss Terrie, who knows tap isn't my forte, for asking me to be apart of something that I will forever cherish. I never expected to become so attached to Saturday Morning Tap but along the way, throughout the ups and the downs I did. If I only thank you for one thing Miss Terrie, it'll be for this experience. Thank you, thank you. You are truly a gem and this is one experience I'll never forget. If you'd like to have me and my falap-less self back next year, I'd be delighted.


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