[2013 TGDT Performance Cast
Top Row L-R: Claire, Courtney, Abigail(Abby), Myself, Jill
Second Row L-R: Brittany, Courtney (Little Court), Christina (Tina), Morgan (Mo-Mo), Katherine (Kat), Katie
Third Row L-R: Julianna, Leann (Lee-Lee), Gabby, Laurie (Miss Laurie), Abigail (Abbie)]

Tomorrow I leave with this group of girls, a bunch of moms (some dads and a few brothers too), Miss Terrie and Coach (her husband, Russ). Over the course of this year these girls have become the ones I look to for advice when I really need it. These girls, all 17 (Miss Terrie included) of them, have the ability to make me smile, laugh and cry all at once. I couldn't ask for a better group of girls to dance with or spend 9 days with in different four different cities. I have no doubt that this trip will strengthen our bounds. 

I really want to thank Miss Terrie right now for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something like this. When I'm old and gray I have no doubt that I'll look back on this and say that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Thank you for believing in me as well because with you I don't think I'd be half the dancer or person I am today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ♥ 



Makeup Haul

The last time I fully mentioned makeup was almost a year ago and since then I've become more involved with my makeup process. Now it hasn't changed drastically but it it has definitely changed. For my birthday I decided to buy a few products from Sephora that I've been wanting and lusting over. I also spent a pretty penny (for me) on a Mac limited edition lipstick.
What I bought:
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: This palette has Estée from Essiebutton raving in one of her Beauty Products Worth The Hype videos (click here to watch that video). I love Estée, reading her blog and watching her videos is probably what I spend most of my not so free time doing. (procrastination anyone?) What I love about this product is that it's worth the price, the formula of the product is amazing and the colors are great for everyday wear.
Nars Blush in Orgasm: OK, OK get your school girl giggles out at the name. You good? Good! This was something I had been lusting over since Keltie Colleen, one of the first people whose blog I read, said she loved it. If you don't know who Keltie is then you're missing out. In three words (or phrases) I'd describe her as, magical, a girl with a pretty heat and just all around fabulous. I trust Keltie on these things and she's right this blush is amazing, epic even! As Keltie said, "this blush is perfectly named." I kid, sorta. But Orgasm is a peachy-pink with a subtle shimmer that works on nearly every skin tone and I love it.
Mac Marilyn Monroe Lipstick in Love Goddess (On ebay the collection ranges from $15- 60+): This is a limited edition Mac Marilyn Monroe lipstick. If you know me in real life you know that I love Marilyn to bits. She's one of my favorite classic American stars. I vaguely remember this line coming out in 2012 (who am I kidding I remember it vividly) but I never got around to purchasing anything and before I knew it, it was too late. After searching on ebay for a reasonably price one in a shade I liked (I love Love Goddess, Scarlet Ibis and Charmed, I'm Sure) I finally found one. I paid 25.50 which is yes, almost $10+ that you normally pay but since it was Marilyn Monroe and is no longer sold I was willing to cough up that much. The color is a beautiful pink that isn't super fuschia and just right. I would wear this to be the bold statement in a simple look.
They're Real! Mascara by Benefit: This mascara is one of two I received with my Sephora order. This was given to me because I'm a sephora Beauty Insider and it was part of my birthday "gift". I've heard people, friends, magazines and bloggers rave about this mascara and I hate to say this but I don't like it. I'm not a fan of the brush, it's plastic and I like the fluffy bristle brushes like the dior one I received. Now I do like the brush for my bottom lashes but not for my top. With that being said I wouldn't buy this just to use it on my bottom lashes.

Diorshow Mascara: This is the second mascara I received, it was a free sample I added onto my purchase at Sephora. I've heard great things about Dior cosmetics. Lisa Eldridge has used Dior products in her videos so I was delighted when this was one of my samples. Now I look at mascara differently than most people, I have long lashes already. I don't know how or why but it's always been that way. What I love about this product is that it doesn't make my eyelashes look outrageously long. Overall I will buy this again, because I like it. Something some people might not like is that the mascara is fragranced. It's not over powering and doesn't smell once dry but it's definitely something people might not like.
[Hello reflection]
There you go. That's what I bought/got from Sephora (and ebay). Do you have any of the products I've mentioned, do you like them? xoxo Jess
Buy These Products:
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette: Sephora $27
Nars Blush in Orgasm: Sephora $29
Mac Marilyn Monroe Lipstick: Ebay
They're Real! Benefit Mascara: Sephora $23
Diorshow Mascara: Sephora $25



"Singin', Swingin' & Swayin'" Part II

This month has been crazy. Recital ended on Saturday and last minute rehearsals for the Four Cities trip started on Monday. Life's crazy but I'm enjoying it. My cousin took some pictures during the recital (Saturday night) and I thought I'd share them, some of them surprised me even. 
[Getting ready/ Final tricks in acro/This made my heart melt, Peyton and I dancing together! (Side note: She was ill Friday night and came to dance with us on Saturday night because she felt a million times better but if you look closely you'll see that she's missing her right shoe. I threw it off because it was untied and would have fallen off either way. She kept dancing though! ♥♥♥/Strut your stuff, work those "high heel walks" (side note: that thing that makes our pants look puffy is feathers...)/Holy panche/Ya know just chilling on my chin.]



Saturday Morning Tap: What I learned.

Back in December I stepped back into tap shoes for the first time since I was 7. At the time I knew that I was putting a pair of tap shoes back on but I didn't know that I'd walk away with knowledge and skills that I wouldn't have if I didn't put the tap shoes back on.  I'm not talking about tap skills or knowledge, I'm talking about knowledge and skills that I'll cherish throughout my life.
Through working with Peyton, a shy girl who has separation anxiety, I learned that a smile can make hard work worth it. When she looks up at me smiling after crying in the beginning of the class I can't help but smile back down at her because I know that it's there through something I've done whether it be hold her until the music comes on, make funny "peek-a-boo" faces or just rub her back until she's calm. Peyton, a three year, has taught me to be patient and understanding. I can never thank her enough for that.
***[Picture taken by my cousin, who can't follow the rules...]***
I have to thank Miss Terrie, who knows tap isn't my forte, for asking me to be apart of something that I will forever cherish. I never expected to become so attached to Saturday Morning Tap but along the way, throughout the ups and the downs I did. If I only thank you for one thing Miss Terrie, it'll be for this experience. Thank you, thank you. You are truly a gem and this is one experience I'll never forget. If you'd like to have me and my falap-less self back next year, I'd be delighted.


"Singin', Swingin' & Swayin'"

Just some behind the scenes from this week's rehearsal. It went well except I won't be able to show my legs for days because I've got way too many bruises and I have a cut on my hand from a good whacking courtesy of Abbie. Oh well, I loved it still. 

[Front/Back TGDT 2012 -2013 Shirts (Thanks, LeeLee I love it!)/Abbie (yes, that one) and me/MaKenna and me/Elbow stands/Sometimes you get tired and do your handstand up against the wall (L-R: Abbie, Me and Katie)/ A really fun trick I love during our acro dance /Saturday Morning Tap babies ♥♥/All the pretty costumes lined up/Sparkles/My Three Favorite costumes (L-R Acro Solo-I Love a Piano, Lyrical- Everytime We say goodbye, Acro- Great Day)]


Say "Buh Bye" To Google Friend Connect & "Hello" to Bloglovin'

[For some strange reason I love this picture.]

As you all know GFC (Google Friend Connect) is shutting down on July 1st. If you use GFC and are looking for a new place to read all of your favorite blogs you should check out Bloglovin. Bloglovin' is an easy way to have all of your blogs in one place no matter what site (blogger, typepad, wordpress) they blog through. I use it and absolutely love it.
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What I'd Wear: Cycling into Summer

[What I'd Wear Outfit Details: Dress: Modcloth, Shoes: Modcloth, Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick, Bicycle Earrings: Kate Spade, Purse: Kiel James Patrick]

If absolutely, positively be wearing this if I didn't have a biology regents exam (uh cue freaking out) and rehearsal for my recital today. But since I do I'll just look at this outfit and dream of wearing on a non-stressed day. As you all probably figured out I'm a sucker for cute novelty prints. This bicycle dress makes me swoon. I could imagine myself wearing it for a day at the park or going for ice cream.

And now I'm dreaming of both of those things. 



Target Does It Again

I know you've all been sucked into the Target impulse buy (if you live in the states), sometimes those impulse buys are amazing! Over the past two weekends I've went to Target with something in mind and come out with something different but equally satisfying.
This time I went in for a chambray dress but came out with a darling white dress, bow belt and She and Him Volume 3. The time before I went in for a smaller purse and came out with a mint crossbody bag and a polka dot peter pan collar top. The dress, belt, purse and top will all be in my suitcase for the dance trip I'm going on. Now all I need is nude nail polish and nude sandals.
What I Bought:
Cream Dress: Target
Polka Dot Top: Target
Crossbody Bag: Target
Bow Belt: Target
She and Him Volume 3 :  iTunes/Amazon/She and Him Store
P.S. In case you're wondering , I love Volume 3. So great,  Zooey's voice is just amazing!!


Seashells| Ruche's 2013 Summer Lookbook

Every time Ruche comes out with a new lookbook I go a little bit nuts. I love them, the pictures are always gorgeous, the clothing is so dang cute and the location they have is always so pretty. Their current lookbook that was launched today, Seashells is so gorgeous. It gives off this glow of a gorgeous summer time that's almost storybook like. Below are a few of my favorite shots and pieces.
 My Favorite Pieces:
What's your favorite piece?
*All Pictures From Ruche


May Instagram Roundup.

May is always a delightful month in my household. There's a ton of birthdays and mother's day, plus this year I was loaded with rehearsals and visiting my Canadian family. June will be hectic because it's dance recital, dance trip time and my 16th birthday and Father's day. I think I'm missing a birthday but you get the point, right?

-My view every morning makes getting up so much easier. 
-On a spring day I wore this. 
-This pup is too cute and I love spending time with her. 
- Missy, being Missy. (:

-I've been on a nautical kick recently. 
-Only the smartest of cat owners have cats that read the Sunday paper. 
-Snuggles, being Snuggles. (:
-I saw the Great Gatsby and I loved it. 

-I love when Snuggles sits like this. It's even cuter from outside. 
-Memorial Day treats
-I have less than a week (6 days) of school left!!!!!!! 

-"Hey that tail of yours looks a bit dirty. I'll clean it for you, k?" 
-Polka dots and pearls are the only way to go. 
-Some of the hardest decisions I had to make.  

May was a fun month and I can't wait to see what June has in store for me. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram click right here! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!