Set Sail

This season I've fallen in love with everything nautical. These shorts and my necklace are evidence of that. I love the feel that these nautical pieces give off. The shorts are from my favorite brand that Target sells, Merona. I feel that Merona gives off a J. Crew-esque feel and lately I've been lovely that. The only bad thing about these shorts is that they're a little (read: a lot) big around my waist since they sit higher. It's an easy fix with an added button but for those of you who, like me have a small waist and larger hips I figured you might want to know.
This week I'll be ending it at the studio. My solo has been finished since mid April but it's almost recital time so we're pulling apart everything and making sure everything is 100% perfect. I have a love and hate relationship with this time of year. On one hand I know it'll be worth it but the way my body feels after the fact isn't always pleasant. (Hey golf ball sized bruises, meet my knees.) But I know that after recital I'll hug Miss Laurie and Miss Terrie and thank them again for a wonderful year.
I'm Wearing:
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: Target [Merona ] 
Sandals: Target [This year's similar]
Necklace: My Mother's [Similar]



  1. I'm right there with you on loving the nautical trend! I have been going nuts! Just got some really cute high-waisted jeans + a sailor top for a lighthouse trip this summer! This outfit is really cute + I love those shorts! xo


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