The Thigh Gap

Lately I've been seeing girls on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram obsessing over a thigh gap. Some of them are going on "diets". Some are working out in unhealthy amounts. And some are starving themselves to get a thigh gap. I see this as wrong. None of those girls obsessing about thigh gaps are "fat". In fact most of them are skinny. I hate that society has deemed a thigh gap (amongst other things) necessary to be beautiful. Those girls are beautiful without a thigh gap. It makes me sick that society says you need a thigh gap to be beautiful.
As a person who has a thigh gap let me tell you it's not a big deal. I don't get comments about the gap between my legs. No guy (or girl for that matter) says to me “You have a thigh gap! Oh my, you're so beautiful!” I doubt they think that too. People don't really think about whether you thighs touch when you meet them. Nobody really notices, usually they're staring at your face and not you thighs. It’s such a minuscule thing to get caught up on. To me it makes no sense that a gap that’s probably no bigger than 2 inches is so important. I just don't see it. I just don’t.
I'm not going to say that I think society should be nicer, even though I do. The law of the land is written as society is one harsh person. They've created this “perfect image” that doesn't exist. They believe a person should be super skinny, have great hair, big boobs and is medium height . Nobody fits that perfect build. For example, I’m 5’ 7.5 (If I have particularly good posture that day). I'm relatively tall for a female and I have long legs and all the good stuff happening with that but I also have boobs that measure 31.5. So you see I don't fit the “perfect image”. Nobody does. Not even Miranda Kerr, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel* or even the lovely Marilyn Monroe who is considered one of the most beautiful people ever. (P.S. Marilyn’s measurements were: 35-37, 22-23, 35-36.)
I believe that if everyone stops obsessing over what they don't have and starts appreciating what they do have then society would not be so harsh. Society would not be marked with things like thigh gaps, flat stomachs or hip bones.  Then maybe people would appreciate real beauty more than appearance.

*I just want to be Jessica because her hubby is all kinds of gorgeous.
 Marilyn Monroe Pictures found Via Pinterest. 


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