Target Strikes Again

 Happy Monday! It’s been a crazy day. My school was put into lockout, it was a half day, and I forgot my phone at home and scared my family half to death. Yeah, it’s been crazy. All that after this weekend is sure making me exhausted. My dance studio, Terrie George’s Dance Theatrics (TGDT), held a lovely little themed basket raffle yesterday. I helped set up Saturday night and helped out yesterday by working (read: I took pictures). I was so exhausted that I went to bed last night at nine. Yes, you read that right nine o’clock at night. I felt like my mother. My brother, his girlfriend and I always joke that she’s always in bed by nine and asleep by 9:15 ‘cause she’s Canadian and all Canadians are the same way.  Anyways, I’m looking forward to dance and curling up to a great episode of Castle (I've heard these next few are supposed to be awesome) tonight.
This skirt is a product of late night shopping at Target. I went in with my dad to buy cashews and came out with this skirt, a sweater and the cashews we in to buy. I could have bought ten times the stuff I did but my dad talked me out of it. Thank God for him! I really love this skirt though, it’s such a pretty color and I’m sure once Buffalo gets warmer weather I’ll be wearing it more! 
I'm Wearing:
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Target
Tights: Target
Necklace and Earrings: Something I won from the TGDT theme basket raffle


  1. love the sparkle in your shoes!! so pretty! :D

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  2. Aw, this is so sweet and feminine! That top is all kinds of pretty, and I love the color of your skirt. The pieces pair beautifully with one another.


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