January Insatgram Round Up

January was a fun month. Usually I associate January with being a dull month because it’s practically the dead of winter. I’m sure that if it wasn't in the dead of winter I’d like it a lot more. Last month I started my solo at dance which is so fun and I love the choreography. Buffalo’s weather was crazy and I got to take pictures outside one day because it was 40 degrees. Oh  I read a lot and wore really cute shoes! So take a look at my life through Instagram and if you don't follow me you should. Well only if you like millions of cats, shoes and food photos. (:

1. I like sparkly shoes...a lot
2. Snuggles is too cute for words
3. I straightened my locks for the first time in 2013! Isn't it long?
4. Now this is my cutie pie, Tiger. Look at the size of that paw!
5. My totally healthy breakfast
6. The most comfortable flats I own from Pink and Pepper
7. I love my curling wand. It does that to my hair!
8. Polka dots, tights and sparkly shoes? Yes please. 
9. These little pretties got reorganized so I can wear them more.
10. See number 5
11. My hang to dries look amazing when the light catches them. 
12. My friend master the duck face. Me on the other hand, not so much!

I'm hoping that February is just as fun! I've got some great things planned for the blog here during Valentines day week, so I'm really looking forward to that. If you want to follow along on Instagram my username is @Jessicas_Wonderland 
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  1. love your flats!! and those lace tops and dress truly look stunning hung up like that with the sunlight! :D

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  2. Cute roundup! I love the sparkly outdoor slippers! Great blog. Shall we follow each other? It would be nice to keep into contact


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