Impromptu Dance Party

Being a dancer I’m usually dancing in time with the music and doing a step only a dancer would know. Torjettes anyone? I can only imagine the looks on your faces trying to read that pronounce it and figure out what it is. But that’s off topic. My point here is that I never really get to dance just to dance. Sometimes it’s fun to turn on some dancing music and just do whatever not a step that is perfectly in time with the music.  That is what happened during some of these pictures, it actually happens a lot of the time while I’m taking pictures but I usually remember to act normal by the time the self-timer goes off. Yesterday I decided to embrace it and I even had a guest! Snuggles was cute enough to say hello!!
 I’m in love with combining red and pink. They create something so feminine and romantic that I just can’t stay away from them. I don’t even mind that they’re usually associated with Valentine’s Day. That’s how much I like them. I actually wore this outfit for the Coast to Coast Challenge yesterday. The theme was mixing textures. I mixed my lace top with denim, leather belt and [faux] suede shoes. It was certainly fun.
[I was having a great hair day!!!]
I’m Wearing:
Top: Kohl’s [Similar]
Pearls: Can’t Remember [sorry]
Belt: Target
Denim: Target [Similar]

Shoes: Payless  [Similar]

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