Appealing Colors & Hairstyles.

I'm all for color, don't get me wrong but once in awhile it's nice to take a step back and wear black or white or both. They create such a beautiful look alone that when paired together, I believe that they create something so stunning. The contrast just makes it so eye-appealing. This outfit was planned from the second I bought this black peplum top. The neckline on it made me feel that it should be in my closet immediately  It's so elegant and lovely that I just couldn't resist.  Next time I wear this shirt I'll have to invest in some white pants. I think that would look just lovely. 
I took pictures of this outfit the same day I took pictures of my last outfit post. I figured why not since I already had the outfit planned and set up in my closet. Today when I actually wore this outfit I changed my hair up. Instead of doing a basic ponytail I decided to do set of rope braided maiden braids. Essentially their the same thing as maiden braids except you use a rope braid [also know as a twist braid or unicorn horn braid]. I was inspired to do this after seeing Katherine McPhee's character in SMASH wear the maiden braids with fishtails. Since I can't fishtail though I decided to do rope braids. I posted a picture of the top of them on Instagram so you can take a peek here.

I' m Wearing:
Top: Sirens
Necklace: Sirens
Belt:  Stiches [off of a dress]
Pants: Garage
Heels: Famous Footwear
Run [feat. Katharine McPhee] by SMASH Cast on Grooveshark
P.S. Doesn't Katherine McPhee have the voice of a goddess!?
Love her! 


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I am jealous withe necklace you wore.
    Where did you bought that? I think I wanted to have that too.
    Anyway, you looked fab in that outfit.


  2. Hey Andie,

    My necklace is from a store that is based in Canada, Sirens . If you click on the hyperlink in the outfit details it will take you to their website!


  3. Such a pretty look! X

  4. Very cute outfit. Love the belt.

  5. Love the black peplum with the white belt! So cute. I really need to try a black and white outfit soon. :)

  6. Such a cute outfit. I love the addition of the belt and necklace.

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