An Angel With Wings

If you follow me on instagram [@Jessicas_Wonderland] there is no way you couldn't have figured out that I own a kitty named Snuggles. What you might not know is that Snuggles wasn't the only kitty cat living at my house. The other cat was named Tigger. He was an 18 year old cat that has lived in our house since before I born. At his peak Tigger was a very fat cat [almost 30lbs] who loved to play with yarn. We nicknamed him Garfield because he also loved to try and steal our lasagna.
Within the last year Tigger's health started slipping. He started to lose weight and wasn't eating as much as he used to. This past month my mom and I have been walking on eggshells because we knew he was going pass but we didn't have the heart to put him down. Yesterday Tigger walked out from our kitchen and fell. He couldn't get up and walk. I called my mom out to the kitchen and she looked at me with the look I was dreading. We had to put Tigger down. We knew that it was Tigger's time to pass because he was an 18 year old cat. He lived a great life, I've never known a cat to live that long.
Tigger was the best cat I could ever ask for. Tigger wasn't my cat, he was my brother's cat. He adopted Tigger when my family had moved into the current house we live in. Tigger was a cat that could make you laugh just because he was looking at you for doing something crazy. He was my Tiggs-a-roo, Roo-boo and most of he was a friend. It's strange to think of a pet as a friend but until you own a pet and experience it yourself you'll never understand how much a pet can impact you life. Sometimes they're the only ones that are there for you and the only ones you can talk to. Tigger now has a set of wings he deserves and is in a better place.

♥ Jess.

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  1. Jess, I am so sorry for you & your family's loss on such a well-loved & very beautiful (such posh & luxurious fur!) cat ((( )))) !


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