Appealing Colors & Hairstyles.

I'm all for color, don't get me wrong but once in awhile it's nice to take a step back and wear black or white or both. They create such a beautiful look alone that when paired together, I believe that they create something so stunning. The contrast just makes it so eye-appealing. This outfit was planned from the second I bought this black peplum top. The neckline on it made me feel that it should be in my closet immediately  It's so elegant and lovely that I just couldn't resist.  Next time I wear this shirt I'll have to invest in some white pants. I think that would look just lovely. 
I took pictures of this outfit the same day I took pictures of my last outfit post. I figured why not since I already had the outfit planned and set up in my closet. Today when I actually wore this outfit I changed my hair up. Instead of doing a basic ponytail I decided to do set of rope braided maiden braids. Essentially their the same thing as maiden braids except you use a rope braid [also know as a twist braid or unicorn horn braid]. I was inspired to do this after seeing Katherine McPhee's character in SMASH wear the maiden braids with fishtails. Since I can't fishtail though I decided to do rope braids. I posted a picture of the top of them on Instagram so you can take a peek here.

I' m Wearing:
Top: Sirens
Necklace: Sirens
Belt:  Stiches [off of a dress]
Pants: Garage
Heels: Famous Footwear
Run [feat. Katharine McPhee] by SMASH Cast on Grooveshark
P.S. Doesn't Katherine McPhee have the voice of a goddess!?
Love her! 


Nautical Inspired

I’m sure you could have guessed with Monday's outfit and all that I’m completely obsessed with nautical inspired stuff. There’s something about it I can’t get over. So today I present to you a nautical inspired “Things I love”. Also I felt like using a bit of French today, not sure why but eh, whatever.

Buy these nautical inspired gems: une\deux\trois\quatre\cinq\six\sept


Why hello there Mr. Fox!

Why hello there Mr. Fox, you look quite dashing tonight. Care for a dance? (;

I'm Wearing:
Fox Dress: Stiches
Belt: Target
Cardiagn: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Payless 


Naut in Love

Oh who am I kidding I'm completely in love with everything an anything nautical. I'm going to go ahead and blame it on my mother. She's a huge fan of everything nautical. I'm dead serious, we even have a spoon rest with a lighthouse on it. I'm not sure if it's her who brought on my new found love for nautical things or just because I've been seeing it everywhere lately. Whatever it is, it doesn't really matter. All I know is I love nautical stuff and it's not changing anytime soon!  
I'm Wearing:
Shirt: H&M
Scarf: Le Ch√Ęteau
Bracelet: Hijacked From Valerie [Thanks Girl!!]
Jeans:  Garage [old]
Shoes: Payless


Impromptu Dance Party

Being a dancer I’m usually dancing in time with the music and doing a step only a dancer would know. Torjettes anyone? I can only imagine the looks on your faces trying to read that pronounce it and figure out what it is. But that’s off topic. My point here is that I never really get to dance just to dance. Sometimes it’s fun to turn on some dancing music and just do whatever not a step that is perfectly in time with the music.  That is what happened during some of these pictures, it actually happens a lot of the time while I’m taking pictures but I usually remember to act normal by the time the self-timer goes off. Yesterday I decided to embrace it and I even had a guest! Snuggles was cute enough to say hello!!
 I’m in love with combining red and pink. They create something so feminine and romantic that I just can’t stay away from them. I don’t even mind that they’re usually associated with Valentine’s Day. That’s how much I like them. I actually wore this outfit for the Coast to Coast Challenge yesterday. The theme was mixing textures. I mixed my lace top with denim, leather belt and [faux] suede shoes. It was certainly fun.
[I was having a great hair day!!!]
I’m Wearing:
Top: Kohl’s [Similar]
Pearls: Can’t Remember [sorry]
Belt: Target
Denim: Target [Similar]

Shoes: Payless  [Similar]


Strawberry Shortcake

I’m going to let you in a bit of a secret, I rarely wear lipstick. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just can’t seem to find the perfect shade. My skin is too fair for a bright red. Although I do wear bright red for dance pictures it’s not practical for everyday wear. When I was reading something on somebody’s blog (I can’t remember whose it was) they said they loved Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. When I went into target this past week I decided to search for it and found some delightful shades. I ended up getting Strawberry Shortcake (080). It’s a light pink that looks amazing on and keeps my lips nice and soft which is always a perk. Who doesn't like soft lips?!?
I’m on early spring break this week. Yeah, I know that sounds weird but my school district divides up the two weeks we would normally get in March/April so that we get two separate weeks, one in February and one in April. It works out alright for me, because if we had just one long break two things would happen. The first being, I'd forget everything and the second is that I'd go crazy without breaks. I can only handle so much school at a time.
This dress is a piece I bought with remixing in mind. It can be worn like this, with tights and a belt or in the spring/summer I could add a pastel cardigan and shoes. I love pieces that are easy to remix because then it's easier to get dressed in the morning. A little something I noticed while I was taking these pictures, my legs look really long. Not that don't regularly (I'm all leg to begin with) but I think pairing black wedges and black tights just make them look longer. What do you think, do my legs look extra long today?

I'm Wearing:
Dress: Target [Similar]
Belt: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes:  Payless [Similar]
Lipstick: Revlon [Strawberry Shortcake]
A huge thank you for all the sweet comments about Tigger. He will be missed dearly. ♥


An Angel With Wings

If you follow me on instagram [@Jessicas_Wonderland] there is no way you couldn't have figured out that I own a kitty named Snuggles. What you might not know is that Snuggles wasn't the only kitty cat living at my house. The other cat was named Tigger. He was an 18 year old cat that has lived in our house since before I born. At his peak Tigger was a very fat cat [almost 30lbs] who loved to play with yarn. We nicknamed him Garfield because he also loved to try and steal our lasagna.
Within the last year Tigger's health started slipping. He started to lose weight and wasn't eating as much as he used to. This past month my mom and I have been walking on eggshells because we knew he was going pass but we didn't have the heart to put him down. Yesterday Tigger walked out from our kitchen and fell. He couldn't get up and walk. I called my mom out to the kitchen and she looked at me with the look I was dreading. We had to put Tigger down. We knew that it was Tigger's time to pass because he was an 18 year old cat. He lived a great life, I've never known a cat to live that long.
Tigger was the best cat I could ever ask for. Tigger wasn't my cat, he was my brother's cat. He adopted Tigger when my family had moved into the current house we live in. Tigger was a cat that could make you laugh just because he was looking at you for doing something crazy. He was my Tiggs-a-roo, Roo-boo and most of he was a friend. It's strange to think of a pet as a friend but until you own a pet and experience it yourself you'll never understand how much a pet can impact you life. Sometimes they're the only ones that are there for you and the only ones you can talk to. Tigger now has a set of wings he deserves and is in a better place.

♥ Jess.


Hello Sunshine

This week Ruche released their newest lookbook and as usual I'm swooning over it. It's perfect for spring, pastels and pretty florals. The photoshoot itself is so beautiful, the lighting is perfect, the location is too and the model is gorgeous. Take a look at Hello Sunshine by Ruche.

My Favorite Pieces:


The Day of Love

I love Valentine’s Day but I’m a sucker for some over-the-top romance and cheesy-ness so it makes perfect sense. I've spent many Valentine’s days curled up with a romance novel or romantic comedy, gifts from my parents (thanks mom & dad!) and oodles of chocolate and ice cream. This year is no exception; I’ll be watching at least two cheesy movies, probably read the first chapter of the book my dad bought me and of course I’ll be eating all the candy I love. (: I’m getting excited just writing that down!
This dress is absolutely my favorite dress; it’s feminine, classic and romantic. I love the skirt on this dress, not only does it have polka dots, it’s also tulle! My inner ballerina swooned over this dress when I spotted it. It was like a match made in heaven. To make my outfit totally Valentine’s day appropriate I needed some red and pink so I added a red belt and the brightest pink lipstick I own. At first I didn't have a red belt.  The one this dress comes with is brown. So I went to target and stared at the belts for a good five minutes and then just as I was about to leave I found this red belt hiding in the back. I was so excited and my dad was even kind enough to buy it for me as a Valentine’s Day gift. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, I hope you have fun with whatever you’re doing today!
I'm Wearing: 
Dress: JC Penney
Belt: Target