What’s Lurking Around in my Bag?

Well I’m known for having a huge purse and nothing really useful in it. I can never find a pen (who can though?), or my lip gloss, oh and don’t even get me started about the mini heart attacks I get when my phone is lost in the sea I call my purse.
The purse: a Christmas present from my dad! I begged him to get it for me but I wasn't sure he was going to. Every time I mention needing a new purse I always get the same response, “Don’t you have enough of those?” Oh men! They’ll never understand the necessity of having 48913 purses. (I’ll let you in on a secret: neither do I! GASP!) But I do love this purse either way. [It’s from TJ Maxx.]
Inside the purse: Softlips/Lip gloss/Lip balm,Wallet (Charlotte Russe),Assorted Pens and Pencils, Butterfingers jingles,Lucky Penny, Calculator for Geometry, Keys, Cell Phone, Bobby Pins (opened and closed) , Thin Mints, Stray Hair Tie (wrapped around thin mints), Glamour Magazine (November)

& Heat Wave by Richard Castle- Oh my, this is possibly the only book I've fallen in love with since I picked up Harry Potter for the first time. Murder mystery, romance and wit all wrapped up and tied in a bow. I’m a sucker for this book. Little thoughts soon to follow!!

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  1. Your bag is similar to mine! Love this!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. If you looked inside my bag, you'd see the same! I'm a new follower; love your blog!

  3. i have not seen a tube of softlips in forev! before the days of burts bees that was my go too. new to blogging but not your blog, loved your post on zooey.



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