Naked Heat//Richard Castle

Imagine that you’re one of NYPD’s finest homicide detectives. Now imagine walking into a crime scene only to find that your ex-lover is the person who found the body. Oh and on top of that your victim is a gossip columnist who “lived like she died, with dirt on her hands.” You’re probably thanking your lucky stars that you’re not Nikki Heat. I did too and throughout the whole book I kept thanking my lucky stars, because it just got stranger and stranger and don’t mention more awkward.
This book is the 2nd novel in the Nikki Heat series by Richard Castle.  It was a very aggravating book to read, in the sense that I couldn't figure out “whodunit”.  In Heat Wave I had a few clues as to who the murderer was (I was right!!!) but this time I was stumped. I loved that though, I loved not knowing and being able to find out who the murderer along with the characters in the book. Not matter how aggravating it was. Kudos goes to the (ghost) writer of this novel, you had me hooked.
I’m starting the third book (Heat Rises) in the series next week after I do my usually re-read but I’m totally nervous that I’m not going to be able to put it down, which usually isn't a bad thing but with my life schedule that means that I sleep for about 4 hours.  Wish me luck!!

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  1. Oh my goodness. I just might have to look into this series. I've been doing a few different audiobook series over the past few years and they just get so addictive! Love your photos. Thanks for sharing!


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