My Thoughts on 2012 & the New Year!

In 2012 my life became better, in 2012 I became a better person but most of all, in 2012 I learned so many wonderful lessons. When I reflect back on 2012 I can’t pinpoint a specific moment where I saw 2012 beginning to shape into a beautiful year but it did. I saw things that most people will never get the chance to see, I did things that make most people jump out of their skin and I did things that made my heart warm. 2012 started out as a year that I dreaded. I was half way through my freshman year and I was almost certain that it was going south. It did. I lost the people I thought were friends. To me that was the worst thing that could ever happen. I mean I’m a teenager, having friends is what our world revolves around, right? Wrong, after hours of crying late at night, in class rooms and to those who love me I realized that my life didn't revolve around having friends who were as bad of influences as addicts. I moved on with friends who cared more about the person I am than the way I do my makeup. Soon after this 2012 started to become a year that was worth something more than I could imagine.
If I had written 2012 down on paper it wouldn't be a book that would make the New York Times list, not by a long shot but that’s OK and that’s not what living is about. Living isn't about making your life the next big blockbuster or the next bestseller; living is about making a life that is your own. I don’t see each year as a chapter in a book I see them as one book that is a part of a carefully woven series. Each book keeps in mind what happens in the previous but doesn't dwell on it. Each book has the knowledge that sooner or later this will all come to an end, so it just takes it course and prohibits reading ahead.

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  1. Happy New Year Jess!!! I just found your blog through Steffy's Pros and Cons and I LOVE IT! I think we're like the same age haha so I can relate to you :) ANYways you are my "new blog for the new year" as in I've just added you to my google friend connect reader :) Can't wait to see more from you! XO
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