My Escape

A book? Thousands of words woven together to create magical sentences. Those magical sentences then become paragraphs that then become chapters and together they create something more magical than magic itself. They create a world that would otherwise never exist. They make all outside problems disappear. They’re responsible for providing knowledge; creating new dreams and making you believe that you can do what you want. To me that’s what a book is. It’s my escape, my little sanctuary. 

 I've been reading this one book series since last week and I’m already hooked. I think that when a book transports you into another universe it should immediately go into the must-read column. This book does that and more. It’s a murder mystery novel that makes you feel pain when you’re supposed to, laugh when you’re not and be skeptical of every person you see. (That last one has been a habit ever since I started watching crime shows in oh, I don’t know sixth grade.) What I really enjoy about the novel I’m reading is that it’s also got romance in it. And no, a crime of passion wasn't committed. Not that I know of anyways. (I've yet to finish).  For now and possibly the next few weeks my mind will be thinking about reading and re-reading books of this series that I've just started!
I'm Wearing: 
Top: Modcloth
 Jeans: Kohl's
 Shoes: Target

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  1. I love those shoes, they add a bit of sparkle to the whole outfit. Nice choice!

  2. cute top! im totally loving polka dots too :)

  3. This outfit is absolutely beautiful, girl! You are just too cute! So happy to have stumbled across your site today ;)
    xo TJ

  4. What a fun top! Love the polka dots... and I have those gold loafers and think they are so fun :)


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