I'll dance my life away.

The other day while I was telling my mom my dance schedule she said, “You’re gonna dance your life away.” It surprised me at first but then I realized that I spend more time at the studio than any other place. I have created some of the best friendships through my studio, strengthen some others and I’ve met a group of insanely inspiring people. I’m lucky, I’ve found a place that I’m comfortable with but at the same time I’ve found a place that is constantly pushing me outside of my comfort zone. If you told me two years ago that I’d be able to do an aerial cartwheel on the floor, I’d laugh in disbelief.  If you told me that I’d be doing my fifth solo, I’d tell you to get yourself checked out. Dancing has given me something I’ll be forever grateful for. So I'm happy that I'm dancing my life away. It gives me purpose. 
 I'm Wearing: 
Top and Necklace: Forever 21
 Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
 Jeans: Kohl's 
Shoes: Target

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  1. cute!

    xo Jennifer



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