Heat Wave//Richard Castle

I’m a huge fan of the TV show Castle. I watched all 4 full seasons and what has already aired of season 5 when I first saw it on TNT awhile back. If you watch the show or happen to catch the first few minutes of a season 1, 2 or an early 3 episode you know that Richard “Rick” Castle is a mystery novelist who has found his inspiration in one of NYPD’s finest, Kate Beckett. He shadows her, helping her solve some the craziest murders ever. Oh and on top of that he annoys her to no end and based a series of books on her, The Nikki Heat series. The books exist in real life and in the show and are a topic of many conversations on the show (without many spoilers, of course)!

 I ordered all four Nikki Heat books after Christmas when I got my Christmas money. I read good reviews and was excited to read the first one. I was like a little kid when I saw that amazon box sitting on my door step. My eyes lit up, my heart started racing and I couldn't wait to get it open! As I mentioned in my “what’s in my bag” post this books is all I’m reading right now! I’m in love. I’m a huge fan of murder mystery, and underlying romance so put the two together and I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. Yes, it’s got it all.
I’m not going to spoil anything that happens in Heat Wave but I will say this; read it. Read it more than once.  Fall in love and hope that you can live inside the book. Don’t be afraid of the next page, if you don’t like it there’s another one right after it. I can assure you though, if you’re anything like me you’ll love it. 

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