Fashion Inspiration: Zooey Deschanel

It’s the New Year and I thought I’d reinstate one of my favorite features, Celebrity Fashion Inspiration.  I don’t read gossip mags but I do read magazines so just like every other girl on this planet I’ve got about a gazillion girl crushes with impeccable, recreate able style. I’m reinstating this one with the girl who inspired my hair cut, Zooey Deschanel.
Zooey has this quirky personality and is one of my favorite singers (listen to her band She & Him). She has one of the best closets I’ve seen in a long time. She embraces the femininity of the previous decades and isn’t afraid of it. Without further blah, blah, blah take a look at why I call Zooey Deschanel one of my girl crushes and style inspirations.
If any of you are wondering where Zooey buys her clothing or where the costume designer on New Girl finds her character's clothes, you can go to this site. I check it periodically and it rocks!  (Quick Fix though: Most of her clothes are from Modcloth
[All pictures are from WWZDW.com]

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  1. Zooey is my complete girl crush, i love her hair and style. My hubby does too haha! lovely picks! xx

  2. I love Zooey! She is really such an inspiration. I admire your style! I'm running around blogger right now looking for some sources of inspiration.




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