Theory Has It

My global teacher’s got a theory that when warm weather fronts float in to our little village it brings out the crazy in people or crazy days. Well I’ve got a theory myself about warm weather fronts, when they come in they bring the crazy in my hair out. About halfway through this shoot the moisture in the air got to my hair and I had to stick in a ponytail. [Also the reason behind that really weird hand position in one of my photos.]
This shirt is one of my favorite shirts; I think it’s the ruffles. I've been having fun getting dressed this week by adding accessories. I’m one that person who has a full jewelry box but never wears any of it. So I started to put my outfits together before hand and hanging the jewelry with them. It saves me time in the morning and I get to wear my accessories too.
Today we did class scheduling for junior year and I’m very excited to say that I’m taking three honors classes (English, French and United Sates History). If you couldn't tell, I’m a huge English and social studies nerd. This is exciting and I can’t wait for junior year!! 
Outfit Details:
Blouse: Kohl's
Cardigan: I Don't Remember
Jeans: Aeropostale
Belt: Kohl's
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Target (Old)

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Naked Heat//Richard Castle

Imagine that you’re one of NYPD’s finest homicide detectives. Now imagine walking into a crime scene only to find that your ex-lover is the person who found the body. Oh and on top of that your victim is a gossip columnist who “lived like she died, with dirt on her hands.” You’re probably thanking your lucky stars that you’re not Nikki Heat. I did too and throughout the whole book I kept thanking my lucky stars, because it just got stranger and stranger and don’t mention more awkward.
This book is the 2nd novel in the Nikki Heat series by Richard Castle.  It was a very aggravating book to read, in the sense that I couldn't figure out “whodunit”.  In Heat Wave I had a few clues as to who the murderer was (I was right!!!) but this time I was stumped. I loved that though, I loved not knowing and being able to find out who the murderer along with the characters in the book. Not matter how aggravating it was. Kudos goes to the (ghost) writer of this novel, you had me hooked.
I’m starting the third book (Heat Rises) in the series next week after I do my usually re-read but I’m totally nervous that I’m not going to be able to put it down, which usually isn't a bad thing but with my life schedule that means that I sleep for about 4 hours.  Wish me luck!!

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Shades of Pink

I believe that the first day back after a break is the hardest. You have to get back into a routine that you've ignored and everything just feels like blah. Today is my first day back from regents week break. I woke up today grateful that I had done my hair the night before, planned my outfit and had no homework that needed tending to. Everything feels so dreary, it doesn't help that it’s colder than an ice-box outside and it’s the semester change. Do you guys ever feel that way after coming back from a break?
This outfit is result of hours and hours of shameless pinterest browsing. I had seen a spring outfit with a lace top and pink pants but I wanted to bring it into winter.  So I added a pair of crazy comfy heeled knee-high boots and cardigan to keep me warm. I love the way the brown boots look with my pink pants. I was skeptical to wear them together because I was worried about clashing but it turned out great. Also I love how many different shades of pink there are in this outfit, to be completely honest I almost called this post “50 Shades of Pink” but decided it was poor taste.(:  What do you think about the shades of pink together?
I'm Wearing:
Lace Top: Charlotte Russe
Pink Cardigan: Forever 21
Pants: Target
Boots: 579
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Polka Dots,Glitter & Tights

It’s probably the biggest cliché to talk about the weather. Usually when you talk about the weather you’re trying to break the ice, right? I suppose I’m trying to do just that, because I’m going to talk about the weather. It’s frigid here in Buffalo, single digit temperatures that seem to keep dropping, the worst wind in the history of wind and it snows. So, I’m sure you’re wondering why the heck I’m talking about the weather and what it has to do with my outfit. I’ll tell you. Since it’s so cold my outfits have been screaming dull, it’s fun to dress for 30 degrees not 5 degrees. To fix this I looked in my sock drawer for some inspiration; don’t look at me funny I keep my skirts in there too. What I saw was some polka dots peeking out from the bottom of the drawer. Naturally, I pulled them out and was bummed when I saw they were a pair of shorts. But then I remember the pair of tights I had bought after Christmas and ran with it. And for some flare I added my gold glitter loafers and the cutest bumble bee necklace I’ve ever seen. Somehow all that nonsense gave you this outfit. Well, what do ya think? Not so bad for a pair of shorts, right!
 I'm Wearing:
Top: Hollister (old)
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
Shorts: Target (old)
 Black Tights: Target
Glitter Loafers: Target [Similar]
Bumble Bee Necklace: Gift From my Dad 

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Inspiration: Free People's January Catalog

Sometimes during winter I get spring fever. Usually it’s after I see something so cute and springy. These lookbook pictures from Free People’s January Catalog gave me spring fever. I want to wear a cute dress and/or a cozy sweater, ride a bike and pick up some flowers.  These photographs are wonderful, I’m in awe of the lighting, location and the feel they give off. I really can’t wait for it to be spring. I've already got a gazillion outfit ideas buzzing around in my head. What do you think about the January catalog? 

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Pretty Pastels.

[Taken with my Instagram.] 

Do you guys remember this wishlist? It was when I told you that I really enjoy adding pastel colors in winter outfits. That little post was the inspiration behind this outfit, when I put those two dresses next to each other my gears started churning. I've had the pink button up for a few years now and it seems to just sit in my closet. I think I've found some new ways to wear it but I have to iron it first, its wrinkle central. I’m not exactly sure what made me think to pair it with my mint top but I’m glad I did, they’re so cute together.
I'm wearing: 
Sweater: Forever 21
 Blouse: Aeropostale (old)
 Jeans: Aeropostale
 Necklace: Charlotte Russe
 Watch: "Borrowed" from my mom
 Shoes: Pink and Pepper

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Black & White

There are days when it takes me hours upon hours to decide on an outfit, other days it takes a minute and a half. This outfit, that I wore last week, took someplace in between. It’s one of my favorite outfits featuring two of my favorite pieces of clothing but the only this I was worried about was keeping warm. It’s a bit chilly here in Buffalo (I believe it’s only around 18 degrees today). I didn't want to change my outfit and I didn't want to have to wear something over my skirt on the way to school so I came up with the next best thing, leggings. They kept me warm and looked really good with this outfit, if I do say so myself.  Also they were probably the softest piece of clothing I've ever felt.
This week should be interesting. I’m off today and most of this week, because of regent’s (exams) week and MLK day. I don’t have dance tonight so I feel incredibly empty and I know I’m going to get bored super-fast. I think I’ll read a chapter or two out of Naked Heat and watch some TV but otherwise my night’s going to be very boring.  What are you guys doing today/this week?
I'm Wearing:
 Top: Modcloth
 Skirt: Hollister
 Leggings: Gift from my mom
 Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
 Headband: Forever 21
 Shoes: Pink and Pepper


Inspiration: Dear Creatures Spring 2013

I'm a big fan of Dear Creatures so when I saw these pictures I was completely smitten. These pictures are from their 2013 spring collection. I love the colors and patterns in this collection, so spring appropriate and unique. I wish I could just gobble up all of these. What's your favorite piece from the Dear Creatures Spring 2013 collection? 

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Heat Wave//Richard Castle

I’m a huge fan of the TV show Castle. I watched all 4 full seasons and what has already aired of season 5 when I first saw it on TNT awhile back. If you watch the show or happen to catch the first few minutes of a season 1, 2 or an early 3 episode you know that Richard “Rick” Castle is a mystery novelist who has found his inspiration in one of NYPD’s finest, Kate Beckett. He shadows her, helping her solve some the craziest murders ever. Oh and on top of that he annoys her to no end and based a series of books on her, The Nikki Heat series. The books exist in real life and in the show and are a topic of many conversations on the show (without many spoilers, of course)!

 I ordered all four Nikki Heat books after Christmas when I got my Christmas money. I read good reviews and was excited to read the first one. I was like a little kid when I saw that amazon box sitting on my door step. My eyes lit up, my heart started racing and I couldn't wait to get it open! As I mentioned in my “what’s in my bag” post this books is all I’m reading right now! I’m in love. I’m a huge fan of murder mystery, and underlying romance so put the two together and I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. Yes, it’s got it all.
I’m not going to spoil anything that happens in Heat Wave but I will say this; read it. Read it more than once.  Fall in love and hope that you can live inside the book. Don’t be afraid of the next page, if you don’t like it there’s another one right after it. I can assure you though, if you’re anything like me you’ll love it. 

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A Pretty Wishlist

When winter rolls around I usually go for outfits that consist of darker colors like navy blue. This year though I’ve enjoyed adding pastels into my winter wardrobe. It all started these pants. I got them for Christmas and really just wanted to wear them, so I did and I didn’t feel like a goof. This time around my wishlist has two pastel pieces, both dresses. I love the details on both. I’m also really into neutral shoes, I really like the way they look. They pull outfits together nicely. Now that swan cardigan is just too cute, it’s got the best novelty print I’ve seen in a while. What are you coveting this week?

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I'll dance my life away.

The other day while I was telling my mom my dance schedule she said, “You’re gonna dance your life away.” It surprised me at first but then I realized that I spend more time at the studio than any other place. I have created some of the best friendships through my studio, strengthen some others and I’ve met a group of insanely inspiring people. I’m lucky, I’ve found a place that I’m comfortable with but at the same time I’ve found a place that is constantly pushing me outside of my comfort zone. If you told me two years ago that I’d be able to do an aerial cartwheel on the floor, I’d laugh in disbelief.  If you told me that I’d be doing my fifth solo, I’d tell you to get yourself checked out. Dancing has given me something I’ll be forever grateful for. So I'm happy that I'm dancing my life away. It gives me purpose. 
 I'm Wearing: 
Top and Necklace: Forever 21
 Cardigan: Charlotte Russe
 Jeans: Kohl's 
Shoes: Target

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