Three Cheers!

I've got this weird feeling right now because all of my Christmas gift shopping and making is done and it's not even Christmas eve. I have this terrible thing were I wait and have to settle when I but gifts but this year I decided to make gifts for those I was giving them to. And I do have to toot my own horn and say that I think they look pretty amazing. Also tomorrow is the day of the Christmas performance I'm doing for elementary school kids. I'm still really excited. This is something fun for the kids and fun for us. I'm excited!!
This outfit involves one of my favorite ways to wear sweaters, on top of the skirt. This sweater is from American Eagle last year. I bought it in Canada on my annual shopping day with my cousin, Kristy. It's one of the warmest, cutest and simplest swearers I own. Paired with this skirt I think it creates something perfectly sweet. What do you think? xoxo Jess
[Can you see Snuggles in the first picture?!?!]

I'm Wearing: 
Sweater: American Eagle
 Skirt: Forever 21
  Shoes: Gift from Aunt Last Year 
I'm also wearing Capeizo 
suntan ultra soft tights because
 it gets cold here in buffalo. (:
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