Christmas List

Hey everybody it’s 18 days till Christmas! Have you gotten all of your shopping done? No? Me either, I’m a huge slacker in that department I always shop up until the last minute sometime I've even had to go out on Christmas eve. Not fun! I wanted to share this cute little wishlist I made of things I want for Christmas.

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Kelli Murray Print- I've been say this every time I include one of her prints in a wishlist but I’ll say it again, I adore her work. It’s all so beautiful. This print is just so cute that I might buy it myself.

Cat Ears Ring- Oh my! My inner cat lady is in full view, I love this ring. It’s quirky yet still cute.

Bow Ring- Almost like polka dots bows are another one of my obsessions. This Kate Spade ring is so cute and I think it would look equally as cute on my finger.

White Knit Sweater- Some days you want to spruce up your winter attire, the sweater and jeans can be a bit repetitive but with a sweater like this one you have a way of spicing it up!  

Blue Polka Dot Cardigan-Lace and polka dots, this cardi was made for me! (It's really embroidered but shhh!) 

Blue Knit Cardigan- I've been looking for a cardigan that’s like this one for what seems like forever now. It’s perfect.

Tweed Booties & Gold Shoes- I have been lusting over these two pairs of shoes for months, I just haven’t felt the need for either of them. But it’s now winter and New Year’s is right around the corner. Yay boots and hello glitter!

Black Purse- Here’s a little story for you: the purse I have now is almost two years old. I've had it for so long that I can’t find a purse I love that isn’t just like it. This one would be a great change but would keep me inside my comfort zone for purses. Yep, I have a purse comfort zone. Go ahead laugh!  

Polka Dot Kate Spade Wallet: Just like my purse my wallet is probably the oldest accessory I own to date. It's really funny, because when I bought my simple black wallet I never imagined getting attached to it. I love this one thought, polka dots are my thing and they make me smile!

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  1. Really nice !!! I love it!!!!

  2. so much pretty in one post!

  3. I hope you get all these goodies!

    xo Jennifer



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