This outfit is one of my favorites recently! I wanted to wear this dress but it’s not made for cooler weather. I was bummed for a while; I think I actually wished it was summer for just one day so I could wear it again. I then began to think about how I wear all my other summer-y dresses right now and I knew that if I added a top over this dress that it just might work. It did! I added this black top I've had since last Christmas over it and some black boots beneath it and it magically transformed into something I could wear without getting looks that said “You do know it’s not summer right?”  I love the way the black top makes the dress pop out. The dress has a really pretty color so it’d be a shame to not show it off, right? Exactly! I suggest using this method of layering for fall if you’re stuck or want to wear a summer-y dress in a season other than summer. It’s super easy and very effective!
 [I'm Wearing: Top: Charlotte Russe, Dress(worn as Skirt): Forever 21, Boots: Gift (last year). (I'm also wearing suntan tights by Capezio. It gets cold in Buffalo!)]
My post last Monday spiked some curiosity as to who won the competition with the robots. It made me smile a bit, because my partner and I are very competitive against the other groups but mainly Nick’s group. He beats everybody at everything, last year Val and I came second to him every single time. Our goal this year is to beat him at his own game at least twice. I actually wasn't there when Val ran our robot for a grade. I had to be in class (global) when she ran it on Friday. I talked to her briefly about it while we were taking our project apart and she said that we got a 90. That's really good.
This week I'm making some changes. Nothing drastic just needed. I'm creating a list of goals for November that I feel I should accomplish. I find that setting goals is one of the easiest ways to see the light at the end of a tunnel. What's your thoughts on goal setting? Jess. 

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