Flannel Top!

Everyplace I've looked recently whether it is on a blog, in a catalog, a part of a lookbook or just one of the many T.V. shows I watch flannel tops have shown up! This look is sorta inspired by something I saw Kinsey from Sincerely Kinsey make over on A Beautiful Mess. Her lace flanneltop DIY got me thinking about how cute my lace top I love so much would look paired with this flannel top. Although it's not exactly what Kinsey did to her flannel top, I really like the outcome of this outfit. It reminds of being out on a farm. (It’s the flannel. Dang you stereotypes!)
[I'm Wearing: Flannel Top: Abercrombie (old), Lace Sweater: Aerie, Skirt: Thrifted and Booties: Gift from Aunt (last year). (Also, I'm wearing suntan Capezio Tights. It get cold in Buffalo!)]
This week went by really fast. Maybe it's because it was four day week, they always seem to go faster. This month the stars aligned perfectly so that I don't have a single full week of school! I like this, I really do! It's relaxing, I get to catch up on everything I've been neglecting to do and most of all sleeping patterns are restored! It ranges from 3 am bedtimes to 830 bedtimes. That's one of the prices I pay for being a dancer!
This weekend is a work weekend. I'm going to be tackling a very long list of DIY's that I've been wanting to do while my mom does some wood working and my dad works on my brothers (or his girlfriend's) cars.  What are you up to this weekend? xoxo Jess. 
P.S. Thank you to Fashion my Legs for using me as inspiration! 
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  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Great look.
    Great choices here.
    The sheer Pantyhose are a great
    idea for the cool weather
    but also adds class and sophistication.
    Really 1st rate.


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