As a cold weather native I prefer to wait as long as possible before pulling out my boots. I immediately think of winter when I think of boots not fall like most people. But since it’s November I thought I could share my favorite boots and booties. (Boots coming to you soon)

[Buy These Shoes: 1/2/3/4/5]
I love, love, love the sparkly ones. I’ve got a thing with sparkly shoes right now! What are your favorite booties right now?

Stay tuned for a boots love wishlist coming your way soon. xoxo Jess

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En Pointe.

I'm as late as ever sharing this but I kinda wanted to wait until it was after my family celebrated Thanksgiving. Mainly because there's this unspoken rule in my mind that says: don't do anything that has to do with winter until after thanksgiving. Otherwise November doesn't get it's time to shine. On to the lookbook/eye candy.
Ruche created this lookbook that really makes my heart swell. 
I've been dancing since I was a wee 5 years old and it's my first love that's never given up on me. I have this love/hate relationship with dancing in the media. Usually what they capture seems to be geared toward the negative effects dancing can have on your mind, body and soul. They're good things too and I think that this lookbook shows that. It might be just a photoshoot with multiple dancers but it does show that sometimes it is a bit glamorous and sparkly. I love that and that is what keeps me coming back to dance. It does get ugly but if you're doing it right the bad will outweigh the good.
[All pictures from Ruche's lookbook En Pointe]

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I'm going to be honest when I say that I take a lot of things for granted. It's not that I don't appreciate what I have, it's just that I overlook the fact that some many people don't have what I have. When I was in elementary school we would do a little activity called "What are you thankful for." Everyone would give their cheesy answers like food, a house and be done with it. Today I'm going to try and give you non cheesy things I'm thankful for. Sorry in advance I they end up cheesy, I tried.

1. My parents- Obvious enough but I think that parent never get told how thankful you are to have them supporting you. My parents are my ultimate support team. They both give so much to me and I would be stupid to say that I'm not thankful for them.

2. Dance- Yes, I'm thankful for an activity. Without dance I'm afraid that I wouldn't have half of the knowledge, courage or passion I do. It's taught me countless things that are forever integrated into my life.

3. Snuggles- My cat. Her name fits her perfectly. She my snuggle-bug buddy. Who always makes me smile!

4. Kristy & Cat- These two have been my shoulder to lean on since I was younger. Cat has this way of making me see the bigger picture and going in the right direction. Without both of them my life would be way too different.

5. Tigger- This old kitty has never made an apperance on my blog (to my knowledge) but he's just the cutest little thing that makes me smile every time I come home and he's curled up on my bed like a ball.  

Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? Jess.

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Thanksgiving Day Wears!

This year we’re doing Thanksgiving on the Sunday before instead of the Sunday after. I don’t usually wear something overly dressy because in my family all of our holidays are celebrated as a relaxed, friendly get together. I’ll most likely be overdressed in just jeans and a pretty blouse but I certainly had fun putting this dream outfit together!

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A Breath of Fresh Hair.

Yay for puns! I did it! I really did it! My all-one-length hair is no more! I now have fringe bangs! If you haven’t notice I’m really happy with them! They’re just the change I needed. They’re a breath of fresh air/hair if you will. I’m enjoying playing around with my hair right now and finding cute ways to style it. Today I chose to just brush out the rope braids I slept with and they created this slightly waved look.
[I'm Wearing: Sweater and Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Kohls and Shoes: Famous Footwear. ]
This outfit is possibly the simplest layered look I've done. I didn't have to fiddle with anything to get it the way I wanted it. It just went there, no problem. I love finding new ways to wear sweaters, adding a contrasting top underneath  happens to be one.
[ While I was shooting these the wind was going crazy. So a bunch of the pictures have my hair flying around awkwardly. Most were too awkward to make it!]
So what do you guys think of my hair? 

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A Weekend Wishlist!

This weekend I'm craving sparkly, glittery shoes, tea cup bracelets, bright dresses and darling jewelry! What are you craving? xoxo Jess. 
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Flannel Top!

Everyplace I've looked recently whether it is on a blog, in a catalog, a part of a lookbook or just one of the many T.V. shows I watch flannel tops have shown up! This look is sorta inspired by something I saw Kinsey from Sincerely Kinsey make over on A Beautiful Mess. Her lace flanneltop DIY got me thinking about how cute my lace top I love so much would look paired with this flannel top. Although it's not exactly what Kinsey did to her flannel top, I really like the outcome of this outfit. It reminds of being out on a farm. (It’s the flannel. Dang you stereotypes!)
[I'm Wearing: Flannel Top: Abercrombie (old), Lace Sweater: Aerie, Skirt: Thrifted and Booties: Gift from Aunt (last year). (Also, I'm wearing suntan Capezio Tights. It get cold in Buffalo!)]
This week went by really fast. Maybe it's because it was four day week, they always seem to go faster. This month the stars aligned perfectly so that I don't have a single full week of school! I like this, I really do! It's relaxing, I get to catch up on everything I've been neglecting to do and most of all sleeping patterns are restored! It ranges from 3 am bedtimes to 830 bedtimes. That's one of the prices I pay for being a dancer!
This weekend is a work weekend. I'm going to be tackling a very long list of DIY's that I've been wanting to do while my mom does some wood working and my dad works on my brothers (or his girlfriend's) cars.  What are you up to this weekend? xoxo Jess. 
P.S. Thank you to Fashion my Legs for using me as inspiration! 
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Inspiration: Fringe Bangs

Guys, guess what? I’m getting my hair cut, like soon! I’m only getting bangs (which I haven’t had since sixth grade) but it’s still a big change for me. Growing up my hair has always been one length, I never really had it shorter than shoulder length and if I did have bangs they went past my nose. I've been on the fence since summer on whether or not I should get fringe bangs. I decided that I should, mainly because I've never done anything different with my hair really. Also I tried it out using clips and it looks OK to me. So at least I know I'm not going to look goofy. What do you guys think?



This outfit is one of my favorites recently! I wanted to wear this dress but it’s not made for cooler weather. I was bummed for a while; I think I actually wished it was summer for just one day so I could wear it again. I then began to think about how I wear all my other summer-y dresses right now and I knew that if I added a top over this dress that it just might work. It did! I added this black top I've had since last Christmas over it and some black boots beneath it and it magically transformed into something I could wear without getting looks that said “You do know it’s not summer right?”  I love the way the black top makes the dress pop out. The dress has a really pretty color so it’d be a shame to not show it off, right? Exactly! I suggest using this method of layering for fall if you’re stuck or want to wear a summer-y dress in a season other than summer. It’s super easy and very effective!
 [I'm Wearing: Top: Charlotte Russe, Dress(worn as Skirt): Forever 21, Boots: Gift (last year). (I'm also wearing suntan tights by Capezio. It gets cold in Buffalo!)]
My post last Monday spiked some curiosity as to who won the competition with the robots. It made me smile a bit, because my partner and I are very competitive against the other groups but mainly Nick’s group. He beats everybody at everything, last year Val and I came second to him every single time. Our goal this year is to beat him at his own game at least twice. I actually wasn't there when Val ran our robot for a grade. I had to be in class (global) when she ran it on Friday. I talked to her briefly about it while we were taking our project apart and she said that we got a 90. That's really good.
This week I'm making some changes. Nothing drastic just needed. I'm creating a list of goals for November that I feel I should accomplish. I find that setting goals is one of the easiest ways to see the light at the end of a tunnel. What's your thoughts on goal setting? Jess. 

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I ♥ Bloom!

One thing I love over here in the blogsphere is that some of my favorite fashion bloggers have taken their love for fashion to a higher level. Kendi from Everyday Kendi is one of those fashion bloggers. She opened Bloom in September 2011. Bloom is a place where you can find unique pretty and high quality pieces that will make your internal fashion goddess swoon.  Below are a few of my favorite pieces from this season! (You can read more about bloom here and see Kendi’s blog here).

Sweet Heart Sweater [This is my favorite.]

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