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Two Fridays ago one of my favorite bloggers, Elise of A Beautiful Mess released her newest dress collection, which happens to be in collaboration with possibly my favorite online retailer, Modcloth. Elsie’s collection consists of 10 pieces all so beautiful and stylish. Elsie’s collection is available through Modcloth and have I mentioned that everything is super cute.

I love how Katie wears these two dresses. These two dresses are my absolute favorite pieces of Elsie’s collection; I especially love the quirky pocket designs. (Note: The houses aren't actually pockets but they’re placed where pockets would be.)
[All pictures except the first are from Elsie Larson's blog, A Beautiful Mess. The first one was found on the Modcloth blog.
[Buy the Stylish Ever Crafter Dress and the Punctuation Rock Top.]

The top Emma is wearing is a must just because it adorns some dots. Yep, I’m officially a polka-dot freak (not that I wasn't before...). Everything I see with polka-dots on it automatically gets a double take from me.  Also I’m really into gingham print this fall (see me wearing it here), so this dress that Kinsey is wearing is so going on my never ending wishlist of clothing.What's your favorite piece from Elise's collection for Modcloth???

xoxo Jess. 

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  1. So happy you love Elsie's collection! She's so taltented, huh? :)


  2. great post!



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