Happy (Almost) Halloween!

My mom is a rather big cutesy holiday decorator. We don't do gory things because my mom likes to keep it rated G but we still enjoy putting up cute little things like ghosts, handmade tomb stones, pumpkins my grandfather made and once in a while you may catch a mum. Well you see though, my mother is a killer of all things green and leafy so it's very rare you'll see any type of plant around our house, unless my aunts who both have green thumbs come by and garden. Pictured are some our decorations (and one of my neighbors).  What's your favorite type of Halloween decoration, gory or cutesy? (I love cutesy up close and gory from a far!)
[I'm Wearing: Cardigan, Top and Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Target and Shoes: Payless]
This outfit has a double dose of mustard in it. Mustard tights and a mustard cardigan. Mustard has quickly become my favorite color for fall outfits. I feel sorta bad because the last two outfits and now this one have all featured these tights. But I’d like to think that it can show you that you can mix up ways to wear something with the things you already have! What do you guys think about doing that? Do you think it’s fun? Easy? Hard? Rewarding? (I vote for easy [most of the time] and rewarding!)
The weather in Buffalo has been dreary. Today it rained all day (it’s still raining as I write this). Yesterday was one of the only days in the past week where it did rain! I like to take advantage of those days by walking around and seeing all the cute decorations people on my block have put up. It’s so cute to see what they’ve got up. 

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  1. love your looks :)
    following you now


  2. you look so pretty here, love the colours of your outfit! i hate constant rain, here in the UK we have it a lot! such a bummer! xx

  3. I have that sweater!

    xo Jennifer



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