Beautiful color, lousy name.

Oxblood. It sounds like something that belongs in the wild not on a piece of clothing. What’s wrong with burgundy or wine? Why oxblood? I feel like they had to kill an animal (probably an ox) to get the color. I just find it oh-so wrong. There are a few things in fashion that unattractive and this is one of them.

But enough with me bashing the name of this color and onto praising how it looks in fall. Fall is time for deep colors and for a girl who describes her style as very girly it’s hard to find the perfect balance in fall. Take a look at some of my favorite ways to find that balance while still using oxblood below.  

Dresses: 1/2/3 Tops: 1/2 Pants: 1/2 Shoes: 1/2 
Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians out there. Eat some turkey for me will ya? 

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  1. I'm glad I'm finally not the only one who's questioning the name of Oxblood, haha. I much prefer burgundy or wine. It's still such a gorgeous shade though. :)

  2. i am loving this color right now too, its perfect right?!


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