Sweater Time!

Eeeek!!! It's chilly today and it's such a welcomed change. No more high humidity and high temperatures. I geeked out when I read the weather report for this week. So perfect I can't wait for it to be like this all the time! This cooler weather calls for none other than sweater inspiration.
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Anybody notice a pattern? Polka dots and adorable animals are what I'm craving to be on my sweaters this fall. Actually I crave polka dots on anything in any season! But the animals are just so adorable that I couldn't help but include them. 

I have a slightly creepy story that my dad told me about owls that I was remind of when I saw the sweater with an owl on it. My dad's childhood best friend's mom (did you follow that?) had a huge obsession with owls, they were everywhere in the house. One day my dad's childhood best friend's brother had an owl run into his truck and the owl died. Because of that fact that he knew that his mom had an obsession with owls he got it stuffed and gave it to his mom. After that it sat in a glass cabinet in the living room and my dad said he felt like it was following him with it's glass eyes. Creepy right? Well, I thought it was. 

Have a great weekend guys! xo Jess. 

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