Relaxed (Part 2.)

After a really long mental debate I decided to post the second relaxed look. Actually it was the first but now we’re just getting’ technical. I didn’t want to post all of them, because like I said they’re all very similar but then again they’re also very different. So my mental debate ended in me sighing and giving into myself. This is the second (first) relaxed look.
[I'm Wearing: Lace Tank and Sweater: Holister (last year), Jeans: Garage (last year) Shoes and Purse: Target Ring: taken from a friend.]
I’ve been wearing this exact outfit since last fall; it’s my ol’faithful so-to-speak. The only thing I ever change is the shoes. These shoes are in fact the ones I wore in part 1 too; they’re perfect for a totally comfy casual look (and giving my poor feet a break from my beloved heels). 

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  1. I think your shoes are cute. I've been wearing my leopard loafers since I got them in January. I love platforms, but they hurt my feet so much.

    Eau de Violet


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