I’ve been all over the place lately; I can’t seem to find my happy-medium. Friday closed the third week of school and I’m pretty confident that it will continue to be a productive year as long as nothing happens to derail my train. A few bumps have happened already but nothing too serious. In dance we’re only on our second week so not much could go wrong, although I did have first day jitters in lyrical and jazz the first week. Not sure where they came from but they’re gone now! At home I’ve been free writing, going on mini road trips and having a bunch of father daughter T.V. nights. (Trying to convince my dad to go with me and see Trouble with a Curve, it looks so good.) Those are some of the good, happy things that have happened. I’m finding out that holding onto them instead of dwelling over the few bad things makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Insta Photo Recap: 

1. Reading material on my recent mini road trip. (See my thoughts about it here.)
2. The prettiest carousel I ever did see. / A delightful smoothie I had for breakfast.
3. Tea and Geometry. / A little cheat sheet my brother made that still resides in his calculator. NERD. (Love you, James.)
4. Pretty outfits that didn’t make the blog.
5. Dinner pick up with the gals of the family. / A clean closet is a happy closet.
6. My favorite sweater at this time. So warm. So cozy. So nice.

What have you been up to lately? xoxo Jess.

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  1. Your polka dot skirt is too cute!

    xo Jennifer



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