Park side.

Yesterday was one of my aunt's 40 something birthday. To celebrate my mom's eldest sister decided to throw a little family get together at her house. My other aunt had no idea that all of us were there (until her hubby spilled the beans). My aunt's a great person and I'm glad I got to spend her 4_th birthday with her.
My favorite thing about where my aunt lives is the park behind her house. I have some pretty fond memories there like the first time I swung on a "big girl" swing, falling off of that big girl swing, playing on the slides by making little pebble mountains. I love going back there because all those memories seem to just rush back and make me ten times happier about being there.
[I'm Wearing: Shirt Cardigan and Headband:Forever 21, Jeans: Kohl's and Shoes: Target.] Pictures by Cat. 
This face is what happens when Cat (My brother's girlfriend) get's me confused.
 When my mom reminded me that we were going to my aunt's house for a little get together my mind went blank. I had no idea what to wear. It's been inching it's way into fall weather lately so I knew that I had to take into account that where my aunt lives in Canada is always colder than where I live. I really, really love this cardigan it's so warm and it's the perfect color for fall. (See me wearing it here too!) I love the color so much that my mom bought yarn the exact same color to make me a scarf out of.  On that note I can't wait for the leaves to change colors and drop. It's such a pretty sight when they do. If I haven't said it yet, I'll say it now I love Autumn.

Have a great day. xoxo Jess.

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