A first of many!

I’m tired. I mean I’m really tired. I haven’t gotten up at 6 am since I don’t wanna know when. It was a shock to me when I got my lazy butt out of my comfy bed this morning. My parents were both still in bed, the cats hadn’t been fed and the sun was just starting to come up. It was peaceful and a bit funny to see how much I actually do enjoy vacation life.
The first day is always an interesting day, in my experience it can go one of two ways, a) it can go smoothly and you’ll have nothing to worry about or b) You could end up with a big mess. Luckily I’ve had very few “big mess” first days and many smooth, easy going days. I’m glad to say that today went smoothly.
[I'm Wearing: Mustard Top: Charlotte Russe, Basic Tank: Target Jeggings: Kohls Shoes: Payless]

A little confession: I love seeing the freshman trying to ask us where their class room is. They get nervous, clam up and I’m pretty sure they think we’re going to bite their heads off for asking. It’s sorta cute and sorta funny. I don’t know too many sophomores who would get mad at a freshman for asking where the room they’re looking for is. After all it was us who where doing that last year.

Now enough with the first day fun, let’s talk about the top I’m wearing. It’s a tank top, so I wasn’t dying (for the most part), it has an amazing floral pattern and the color (hello mustard!) is sooo fall appropriate. All of that stuff makes it a win in my little book. Now jeans may not have been my best choice for a day that reached somewhere in the high 80’s but we all make fashion choices without regard to the weather.

P.S. This is outfit number 1 of my 30 for 30 challenge!

P.P.S. Did you notice I got my hair cut???
Hope you had a great uhh…Wednesday. haa!  xoxo Jess .

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  1. Love that top, so cute! And that color looks fantastic on you!


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