Fast Paced.

 Life this week has been fast paced and I’m not fretting. There are a few things that made my heart flutter this week and a few that have made me want to crawl into a hole that goes to the center of the Earth. The good things that happened definitely made me the happiest girl in the world. Getting my arial (no handed) cartwheel was one of those things. I’ve been trying to get my arial cartwheel for a very long time and even though it’s still only on the mat I’m still very happy and proud of myself.
On the flip side of the coin, I was sick this week. All of my friends were sick so I knew that I was going to get sick sooner or later and I guess it was sooner rather than later. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday feeling icky but after a dose of some medicine on Wednesday night I woke up feeling better Thursday morning.
[I'm Wearing: Dress and Shoes: Target, Cardigan and Headband: Forever 21 & Belt: Charlotte Russe.]
(I look sad in the above picture, don't I. I totally didn't mean for it to be that way...) 
I wore this on Thursday. I knew that it was going to be a bit on the warmer side so I figured that wearing a dress wouldn’t be such a bad idea. But to keep myself warm I grabbed my really cozy mustard cardigan. It’s so cozy, I feel like I’m wearing a furry animal on my torso. Also, I really love the color of this cardigan; mustard has become one of my fall staples (See me wearing it here & here). It’s such a warm color. What are your favorite fall colors? (I’ve been a fan of navy blue for a very long time).

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  1. I have that sweater :)

    xo Jennifer



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