30 for 30 Items

It’s September 3rd and that means I have to share my 30 for 30 items with you! A lot of these are older pieces that have been buried (literally) in my closet.
When I first said I was going to share my all of my 30 for 30 pieces I actually meant I was going to take pictures of all of them and edit them into one big clean product collage. But that didn’t happen because I misplaced my memory card for my camera this morning. I looked for about 2 hours before getting really frustrated. Then I decided I could list all of them. Almost all of these pieces are linked to either the piece itself, me wearing it or a similar item. 

Yellow Tank Top
Lace Sweater
Blue Sweater
Grey Flower Sweater
Mint Top
Peach Top
Navy Blue and Grey Stripe shirt
Sheer White Tank (as seen

Other Tanks:
Mint Tank
Pink Tank
Cream Lace Tank
Basic White Cami

Dresses & Skirts:
Pink Polka Dot (as seen
Navy Blue Polka Dot (as seen
Purple Lace Dress
Red Sequin Dress (it’s a surprise!)
Black Skirt (It’s 3 years old)

Pink Knit Cardi
Grey Cardi (

GRG Jeans
Kohl’s Jeans
Kohl’s Jeggings
GRG Jeggings
Mustard Denim (Same designer different color)
Mossimo Jeans
Aeropostale Jeans  

Black Wedges (As seen as
Brown Heels
Brown Shoes
Grey Sweater Flats (Sister pair seen here)

I can't wait to start this!! Supper excited! xoxo Jess. 

Update: As of 9/17 I've redacted two items because after going through my closet I realized that they are no longer in good condition. I have replaced them with a mustard forever 21 cardigan and a mint pullover.  
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  1. such a nice set up you have!



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